Saturday, November 03, 2012

A.L Jackson, When We Collide - Review.

Just finished the amazing new book by A.L Jackson, 'When we collide' who has previously released the best selling books 'Pulled' and 'Take This Regret'.

Jackson is someone who has an amazing way with words, she can captivate and enchant th
e reader where others would fail to reach and When We Collide is no exception.

From the moment I picked this book up i couldn't put it down, even going so far as to put my phone on silent and curl up under a blanket blocking out the rest of the world. I was instantly drawn into this story and captivated, books like this remind me why I love to read.

After leaving Home six years years ago William is finally brought back home when an unexpected illness in the family is brought to his attention. He is currently working a high stress job and in a loveless relationship which has become more of a chore than a romance.

When William left abruptly he not only left his family behind but he also left her, Maggie, the one woman who was able to captivate his heart and keep it. Maggie is fragile and broken and is just as scared to confront William as he is to see her again.

The book touches upon many different issues from death to abuse, some people will defiantly need a box of tissues near by. Most certainly an emotional roller coaster of a ride from cover to cover, but undoubtedly a story of true love and how it can shine in the most unlikely situations.

You are able to feel every single emotion with these characters and you find yourself not only wanting them to have the ending they deserve but needing them tool.

This book will have you hooked and reeled in within the first few pages and I cant recommenced enough that you should read it. 5/5 stars for this amazing book.

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