Saturday, November 03, 2012

Checkmate - R.L Mathewson - Review

Yet again R.L Mathewson has amazed me with her sensational series ‘A Neighbor from Hell’. Her latest installment ‘Checkmate’ didn't fail to impress and meet the high expectations set in her previous books. For anyone who has yet to read thi
s series, what are you waiting for?!?

Rory and Conner are the ultimate enemies, they have spent the past 25 years making each other life’s difficult from the ultimate nipple cripple to paint fights, they have slowly gotten themselves banned from most local business’s yet they almost drawn together. . . Well Conner makes sure that his favorite girl to torment Is always close by even going so far as to move next door to her.

Now drawn together to complete a business contract together, how will they cope? Is this going to be the thing that finally gets them put behind bars (for more than the occasional night) or will something surprising happen?

This book features one of my all-time favorite scenarios enemies-lovers and it is done in such a way that makes you realize they are meant to be. The fights and banter are hilarious and the romance is swoon worthy.

There was also the appearance of every woman’s favorite men (if they aren’t then they damn well should be) The Bradfords, I could seriously do with men like them in my life… or well bed wherever is fine. 

Overall this book has everything you need, all you have to bring is some uninterrupted time to fully appreciate the story (I would also recommend chocolate…why? Just because chocolate is great)
4.5/5 just because I wish it had been longer…. But then again I never want an R.L Mathewson book to end.

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