Sunday, November 25, 2012

Jean Joachim, Love Lost & Found - Review.

What do a Marine who received a “Dear John” letter and a journalist who dumped her cheating fiance have in common? Nothing, outside of being heartbroken over lost love. But when they accidentally end up next to each other jetting to a Caribbean paradise, they do share one thing: mutual attraction. Friendship between Tara Mason and Sergeant Mick Peterson grows quickly through a few dates on St. Thomas. An argument coupled with a blunder strand them on a small deserted Caribbean island.
In the midst of nothing but sand and water, possible starvation leading to death, old wounds heal. While working together to survive, Mick and Tara fall in love. Love found in their own private Eden is soon challenged in life-threatening ways when they return to the mainland. Long separations, danger and loneliness test their devotion. Is the love they've found strong enough to withstand what life throws at them?

This is a book I was recently send and asked to review and it turned into a pleasant surprise in more ways than one and I whole heatedly enjoyed it and didn't want to put it down.

Mick is the kind of girl any woman would be lucky to have, he is attractive, gentlemanly and knows how to charm a woman's socks (and possibly pants) off. He is currently a serving Marine and has just been given a vacation to get his head back in the game. After receiving a 'Dear John' letter from his fiance saying it is over the last thing he expected was to find someone he had feelings for so far, sure a tropical island hook-up might have been on the cards but feelings certainly weren't.

Tara has put up with her asshole of a fiance long enough, after catching him with another woman she finally decides enough is enough and books herself a luxury vacation on his credit card. After being nearly sexually assaulted on the plane she is moved to a seat next to the Marine, it doesn't take long for the connection to ignite between them.

Can they make a go at an actual relationship or will this be a holiday fling to remember? Forced to deal with difficult situations such as a ship wreck, kidnapping, war zones, violent ex's and possible death can their love hold strong or will it be just another fond yet crazy memory.

This book was an excellent read, I wasn't sure what to expect when I was first sent it but I was pleasantly surprised and couldn't put the book down. The sexual tension is palpable and the banter and conversation made you want to know more. 

There was never a dull moment in this book and you found yourself never wanting it to end. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a very masculine male lead, a NA romance and a little action tied in between.

4/5 stars

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