Sunday, November 04, 2012

Jessica Sorensen, The secret of Ella and Micha - Review.

Jessica Sorensen is slowly becoming one of my favorite authors I have now read all of her books and excitedly bought 'The secret of Ella & Micha the day it was released and wasn't disappointed in fact I was more than pleasantly surprised with just how much I love the book.

Ella and Micha had been friends all their lives, some would say 'Soul Mates' created only for each other. But when a tragic event takes place in Ella's lives in affects them both in ways that could not have been comprehended. Ella decided that enough is enough and takes off determined to forget everything she has left behind and become a new person, someone who is nothing like her previous self only then will she have a chance at getting on with her life and forgetting about him.

"Micha saw too much of me and it scared me too much to let him in all the way"

Ella fins her escape attending collage and for a while everything is going good, well as good as they can be, but it isn't long until she has to go home for the summer and face everything she has left behind and tried so hard to run from. Will she be able to cope? Or will she end up taking off again without a word to anyone?

"I love you, Ella May and nothing will ever change that. You can push me away - run away - and I will still love you"

This is the ultimate story of love, two people starting off as friends and then realizing that they are so much more and before they know it they are in love. You want them to succeed and have the happily ever after you can see they deserve, you are constantly fighting for them in your head as you read, as a reader I love that I want to be engaged with the book I am reading and the characters within. You can feel the love they feel for each other coming off the pages, the emotions are real. 

This is a beautiful Book targetted towards 'New Adults' and I would highly reccomend everyone should add it to there reading list. 5/5 stars for this one.

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  1. This story is about a very young man and woman however I wouldn't put it in the YA category read list due to some of the sensual situations although I didn't think they were over done or vulgar. I'm an older reader so rather than being disappointed about the youth in the story I was wishing I could be 18 again.

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