Saturday, November 03, 2012

Karina Halle, The devil's metal - Review.

What first grabbed me about this book was the promise of a sexy rock star and a semi recluse yet determined young woman, aimed at 'new adults', if you have read S.C Stephens Thoughtless you will understand the excitement a sexy angst ridden bad member can bring even from a literary perspective. 

The beginning of the book was everything I had wanted, even down to the over excited/crazy best friend. Dawn's obvious passion for music was very clear and she was relate-able to the reader. You want her to succeed and achieve her dreams. 

The music references where perfectly proportioned and included nicely, each character was well built up but then came the aspects of the 'weird' or 'supernatural' which I found mostly obscure and for some reason just didn't sit well with me. For most of the book they are peppered in, which is okay(ish) but then towards the end it's all sort of thrown at you and becomes very unbelievable (Yes I know the paranormal is unbelievable but in a book you want it to suck you in and make you believe in a world where devils, witches, vampires or whatever supernatural being may be involved is real).

I found the ending was a little rushed and sloppy (sorry) and I didn't have that feeling of satisfaction that normally comes after reading a book. Normally I am a huge fan of Karina Halle and I wish this book sat better with me. I am sure some people will read this book and love it because it does underneath everything have a good and original story line and characters you want to empathize with.

Overall I would give this a 2.5/5 its not terrible but it isn't something I would read again

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