Sunday, November 18, 2012

Karina Halle, Into the Hollow - Review.

Perry Palomino has fought her demons – and won – but the battle is far from over. She’s now left broken and on her own, leaving behind her life and family in Portland to focus on giving Dex Foray – and the Experiment in Terror show – a second chance. But their past mistakes continue to tease and test their relationship, as does the wild and desolate terrain of the Canadian Rockies. The snow-covered peaks and ravenous forests hide an urban legend too unbelievably frightening to be true and the only way the duo has a chance of surviving is if Perry can let in the very man who sent her to hell and back.

If this is a series you have been following then I guess Just like me you have fallen head over heels in love with Perry and Dex and there sexually charged partnership that magically sizzles off the pages. Every girl Has a little Perry inside of them, she somehow crams someone who is a little self conscious with someone who is feisty and determined. Along with many other women I felt a personal connection or attachment to Perry, I became protective of her and found myself wanting things to get better for things to work out but then again a happily ever after wouldn't provide us with half as much entertainment. 

This book see's Perry after the horrific detail of being possessed and the mess that her life has now become, her parents want to smother her, Maximus assumes now she is back to normal he can woo her and her sister Ada seems the only one to be glad she wants to move on with her life.  All Perry wants is to have the chance to go forward and regain her independence and in return maybe find some happiness in her life.

"If I stay here, I'll get worse. How can I function being paranoid as hell at each turn? I couldn't. I can't live here, with her, worrying about the next time I fuck up. I might be fine now, but am I ever really all there" ~ Perry.

Dex, Dex, Dex where do I start? I have had a very Love/Hate relationship with him, one moment I am wishing he would jump out the pages and possibly jump me the next I want to reach into the book and give him a good kick. This book there is an obvious change in him, he knows he needs to make it right with Perry if she is ever going to be with him after what he did at the end of lying season. You can see that he loves her and is trying to make amends even if he does add his sexy confident attitude to his arsenal. 

There was something more sexual and carnal about Dex in this book, the banter was better the innuendos where amazing and the spark between him and Perry jumped out the pages. I couldn't get enough of the two of them together, I wanted more and that is exactly what Karina Halle delivered.

"No, you're not shooting me down, kiddo," Dex went on, "Because I'm really not trying. When I do try, you'll know it. And then you'll throw the whole damn rulebook out the window," 

The adventure they take is as good of not better then in previous books, you would never want to go camping in the woods after reading one of these books . . . How about we skip camping completely and enjoy a nice hotel. 

This book is a must read for anyone who enjoy a good paranormal romance, Perry and Dex will make you fall in love with them and leave you always wanting more.   

4.5/5 for this book and I cannot wait to read the next installment and see what Karina Halle has in store for us.


This is the 6th book in the 'Experiment in Terror Series'

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