Monday, November 05, 2012

Katja Millay, The sea of tranquility - Review

For a first time Author this book was phenomenal, 'The Sea Of Tranquility' by Katja Millay should be on everyone's TBR list if not in your hand this very instant. Marketed as a YA book this is something that readers of all generation can get stuck into and never want to put down.

17 year old 'Nastya Kashnikov' hasn't spoken a word to anyone in over a year, at the age of 15 something terrible happened to her, something she wants to forget about and keep anyone else from discovering especially now she is enrolled in a new school. She would rather be the sexy rebellious 'Russian' girl who doesn't speak than the girl who died.

Josh Bennett hasn't had the best life, nearly all of his family has died and he now finds comfort in being the school's social outcast in his 'bubble of death'. All he wants is to avoid people and build furniture in his garage . . . a nice and simple existence where he doesn't have to engage with too many people or answer any questions. 

Nastya immediately finds something about Josh that pulls her in, and it isn't long before she becomes a regular feature in his garage. Sitting on his work bench, not saying a word instead observing his every move. Soon they form a bond, one that only magnifies in time. But will this bond magnify to such an extent it explodes and falls apart?

Katja Millay has a beautiful way with words, nothing about the book was average it was all magical, okay maybe not some of the context but the way she is able to put everything across to the reader in a way that intrigues them and pulls them in wanting more. 

This is a book that when you have finished will leave you smiling, after you have shed a few tears throughout of course. The romance is slow but never dull and the bond that is formed between Nastya and Josh is beautiful. This book will touch not only your heart but touch a little of your soul as well, it includes real issues written in such a way that you empathize with the characters and want to make everything okay for them.

This book is a good 5.5/5 as it is just that much more then any other book which has a received a 5 from me. Don't wait get this book now!

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