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A.L Jackson, Take this Regret - Review

A.L Jackson, Take this Regret - Review

There are some mistakes we make that we will regret for the rest of our lives. For Christian Davison, it was the day he betrayed Elizabeth Ayers. For five years, Christian has regretted the day he walked away from his family and will do anything to win them back. Can Elizabeth forgive someone who has committed the unforgivable  Or are there some wounds that go so deep they can never heal?

“Never would I take what I’d been given for granted. I’d never look at her through indifferent eyes, listen to her fears and worries with distant ears, or touch her with impassive hands. Elizabeth was a gift and Lizzie was my treasure. I would adore my family until the day I died.” 

This was the second book from A.L Jackson that I have read and yet again my Author crush on her has grown into something HUGE. Not that it was ever small to begin with mind you. The way she is able to tell a story is just amazing, you are able to get emotionally involved  with the character's and feel what they feel, Yes I may of may not have shed a tear or two at peculiarly dramatic moments. 

 This had me hooked from the beginning and I didn't feel so much as I was reading a story but I was living it, Amy is one of those authors who can transport you into her world and that is something I relish and Love to be apart of. I don't think I could ever read one of her book in anything other than one sitting, forget toilet breaks and coffee all you need a comfy and warm spot that you can sit in and enjoy the adventure you are going to be taken on. 

The first thing you are introduced to in Take This Regret is a young couple in collage who are madly and deeply in love, or so it appears. Christian is a driven Law student who has ditched his partying ways to prove himself to girlfriend Elizabeth but things don't always work out the way they should. Elizabeth wants to work with young children so when she unexpectedly falls pregnant she knows there is no way she can get rid of the baby, her baby, no matter what she knows she is going to have the baby and love it even when she is given the ultimate ultimatum.

Christian is one of those guys who almost has a 10 year plan, he knows exactly what he wants to happen in his life and when he wants that to happen, the last thing he expected was to be made a dad while still in collage so he tells Elizabeth it is him or the baby and she cannot have both, amusing she would choose him he cuts all communication with her and waits for her to come back to him . . . only she doesn't. 

“They say cowards run in the face of danger or pain. I supposed that’s what I was, what I’d become, too fearful to love, too fearful to be loved, too afraid to live – so I ran.” 

You really feel for Elizabeth, not only is she going through something that is hard for any women to deal with if unexpected but she is also going to have to do it alone and with a heart that has been broken beyond repair. You end up hating Christian right along with her, how could anyone not want their own child? You then realize it is going to take a lot for not only Elizabeth to trust him but for you as the reader to trust him with Elizabeth again.

5 years later and Christian's world is miserable he knows he made a mistake when he found out about the pregnancy but he assumes there is nothing he can do to change that until one day at the supermarket when he comes across a little girl who just feels familiar, even if he does some what look like a creep he cannot take his eyes off her. Could it be . . . . No it couldn't . . .  But then it might just be.

“How could you? Did you think of me? Did you think of our child? Why didn't you love me enough? Did you even love me at all? Why now, after so many years?”

This story is all about learning to love and trust again and learning that sometimes people make terrible mistakes. I like this book because it isn't all sunshine and roses we see Christian working his arse off to get back into Elizabeth's good books and we see the journey of him learning to become a father.

“What do you want, Christian?”
What did I want? To make her smile, to wipe away her tears, to hold her. To be a father, a real father, not one in title, but on who’d earned that right. I wanted to stay. 
“I want my family,” I forced through the lump in my throat.

"She was mine, had always been, and I'd always been hers. Despite what I'd done, the wounds I'd inflicted, she had always been mine.... our hearts had been tied, our bond one that neither of us could ever escape." 

The thing I love in most stories are alternative point of views, it just brings so much more depth an realism into what you are reading, it can also make you understand a character much more and Amy manages to do this terrifically well.

5/5 stars!

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