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Book Tour - Embers Curse

Embers Curse - Gena D. Lutz - TOUR

For Prime-Werewolf Ember Stilwell, life has been far from normal. Decades ago, a vengeful Witch cursed her Pack, leaving the women of her line incapable of feeling love. When an organized group of immortal killers begin to stalk and capture wolves from her pack, she sets out on a path fraught with danger. Just when it seems the world as she knows it will be changed forever, she meets Collin, an Alpha Werewolf with a body built for sin. As her heart begins to heal, she comes to find that the demons of her past are not nearly as dangerous as the nightmares she will be forced to face in her future. Can finding her true love conquer all? Or will the ability to feel for the first time be overshadowed by losing everything else she holds dear

Excerpt : 

Can we please get back on track? The sooner we get out of here the better. My body is craving sex and blood...both at the same time preferably."
"Amazing," I huffed.
"What?" she looked at me confused.
"We are being held prisoner by a bunch of vampire zealots and all you can think about is sex?" Incredulous. "Not to mention there is a child here. Show some restraint."
She shrugged with indifference, "I like it. Not ashamed to admit it." Her eyes traveled over to Dane and they softened. "Never be ashamed to speak your mind. Sometimes the honesty of your own words is all you can count on."
Dane giggled at Harper.
He looked down at his bare feet and shyly peeked back at her through his disheveled hair. His amused expression switched to one of sadness. "My mom says to keep quiet around the bad man. I wish I could use my honest words with him."
 Harper’s face fell and she grabbed hold of the bars so tight her knuckles whitened. I bent down and picked up the boy. He tucked into me, his cold nose snuggling up into my neck. "I would like to sleep now," he said, pointing to my bed. I guess he laid claim to it after finally getting some good rest last night.
"You got it, Buddy boy." I walked him over and laid him down. He pushed his legs under the covers and I pulled them up the rest of the way. With a kiss on his cheek, I walked back over to the side of the cell closest to Harper. She looked like she was about to lose it.
"We can't leave him in here," she said. “We aren't leaving any of them behind."


Thank you to The Book Avenue for hosting this tour and inviting me to join, I am very great full and excited to take part.

We start the book by Meeting Ember and let me tell you she is a girl after my own heart; she is dominant and powerful alpha female with a literal kick ass approach and a take no crap attitude. She also happens to be a hybrid werewolf/vampire that has been around for a century or two. 

We begin to learn that Ember and her family where put under a curse by a witch a few hundred years ago, so now she will only know love when it is with her true 'heart-mate' sure she can still get her thrills with the opposite sex but she has become a true love them and leave them kind of girl. 

After her flatmate is attacked her friend Nathan calls in help from his cousin; Enter Collin. From the moment Ember set's her eyes on Collin that is it . . . she is his and he is her's . . . together forever. There hearts literally connect, and for the first time she knows what love feels like and what it is like to have a mate, or be an 'Old Lady' as her friend puts it. 

Now it is up to Ember, Collin and a few of their friends to figure out what is going on with the attacks and who they are targeting and why. Let's just keep out fingers crossed that no one gets killed in the process. 

This book is full of action, adventure and a little sexy time thrown in for good measure and trust me it is good measure I would totally like to heart mate with Collin right about now. Anyone know a single paranormal creature they can set me up with? Because I think it is safe to say that no normal man will suffice.

Personally this book was right up my Book Avenue (Yes Cris I thought of you as a write that) I love paranormal books, they are an addiction of mine and this books ticked all the right boxes for me.

4/5 stars.


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