Friday, January 25, 2013

From Jamie McGuire's official site!

Here is a list of the upcoming books from the amazing and talented Jamie McGuire :

 – (Current WIP) Release Fall 2013
Scarlet’s daughters were an hour away with their father the day the world ended.

Nate, a newly single father, is trying to find a safe place for he and his daughter to ride out the horror around them.

Miranda, a young woman in college, struggles through the congested highway with her sister and their boyfriends to reach her father’s secluded ranch.

Red Hill is an intense New Adult drama, told from each characters’ POV as they fight to survive and ultimately find their way to each other.

A YA sci-fi romance featuring introvert Bailey Betchen and secretive Cy, her research partner. When Bailey finally discovers Cy’s secret, he is already in danger. Together, they must get Cy to his departure site – at the designated date and time – before the entire world is held accountable.

More Beautiful novels: The Maddox Brothers
Trent’s story (title and release TBA)
Thomas’s story (title and release TBA)

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