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Liz Thomas, Rock Her - Review

Liz Thomas, Rock Her - Review

Kip Jones is a hard living, good natured rock star. But there is so much more to tell about his life than what the fans see upon stage. So when he is approached by a smoking hot award winning biographer, he accepts her offer to let her tell his tale. When he sees her for the first time, he wants to give her more than just his story. But Annie isn't having it. She’s a dedicated journalist, and won’t cross that line.

But Kip has so much of his life that he isn't sure he wants in the pages of a book, so he holds back these parts of life because they are still too painful to visit. But Annie knows that there is more and she is determined to get it all into print.

This is only going to be a short review as I do not like to post negative things about someones work and criticize them when I know authors work hard to create a book and get their work out there. 

The story line of the book has some potential, I mean anyone who knows me will understand that I am a Rockstar-a-holic! They are my weakness and my flavor of man candy, mhmm so as soon as I saw this book involved a rock star I knew I had to read it but that is about where my love affair ended, sadly. 

It is unheard of for me not to finish a book, but with this I am very sorry that I just couldn't as I found some parts a little difficult to read and I couldn't connect with the story which is something I have to do to be able to enjoy it to its full potential. 

The things I found Difficult about this book where : - 
(Please not this isn't to be nasty I am purely showing where the book could be improved)

  • Dialogue and wording : I am the first person to admit I love a good smutty scene in a book but not when I find myself wanting to laugh because words such as 'Spear of love' 'F**k hole' 'Love cream' 'Dripping honey hole' etc this doesn't make it believable it makes it slightly comical. 

  • Characters : They just weren't relate able and there was no character growth, okay I know I didn't finish but I really could not see this improving.

  • Editing and Grammatical errors : Personally I am rubbish with grammar and spelling, but I know if I am submitting work especially for university I make sure it is up to par and I have someone check it for me. This book was riddled with mistakes that an editor would have been able to spot, for example 'Stature of Liberty'

I am not going to criticize the book further I just felt as though I should point out the main issues so hopefully they can be used to improve the authors work and help her understand what could be done to bring the book up to a better rating. Hopefully the Author can refine her work and create a second book to knock my socks off and prove me wrong.

1.5/5 stars

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