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Ashley Wilcox, Summer Rush - Tour

 Ashley Wilcox, Summer Rush - Tour

Hope Taylor is a smart Southern girl with a good head on her shoulders and a positive outlook on life. Even though things are simple and predictable, Hope is happy and content. 

Her boyfriend is tall, handsome and hardworking. Trent is everything a girl could want in a man and life is going according to plan, until she meets Joey Puccino.

Although Joey is arrogant and gets under her skin, Hope is still drawn to him and her body craves him like a bad drug. Even though she knows it is wrong, the attraction Hope feels is undeniable. 

Will Hope choose her simple, yet comfortable life with Trent? Or will she give in to the desire and pull she feels for Joey?

I am a huge fan of Ashley Wilcox's books and I also happen to think she is a complete sweetheart so when I found out about this book I got very excited, and almost did a little wee when I was asked to take part in the tour as I couldn't wait to read and fall in love with yet another story from her. 

Southern Girl Hope Taylor looks after her mother full time, after a terrible accident left her paralyzed from the neck down, although most of her time is spent making sure her family is okay she does ave one hobby something that helps her to relax and to keep a sense of normality in the craziness; Surfing. 

Hope's lift us relativity normal; she has a job working at a local restaurant  she is enrolled in collage and taking night time classes plus she also has a great and caring boyfriend; Trent. But things change when a new person walks into her life, someone who she cannot deny her attraction too, Joey Puccino. Walking into her work with his friends, she is shocked at his elude behavior and crass way with words but sometimes it doesn't matter how arrogant someone is you just cannot get them out of your head. 

"I couldn't fathom being with anyone other than Trent- he's the perfect boyfriend, and would make the perfect husband, and someday the perfect father to my children. I can see it. I just can't feel it."

Driving Hope insane is just something Joey seems to do best, arrogant and cocky and a total flirt he cannot seem to win Hope's attention especially when she informs him she has a boyfriend. Leaving the restaurant it isn't for another year that Hope and Joey should meet but will time be more successful or will he be left to go on his own way yet again? 

“He's nothing I've ever been attracted to, but everything I'm currently drawn to.” 

Hope yet again see's Joey, but this time it is one year later and there seems to be a huge change within him and once again Hope is left with an attraction for him, now with her relationship going down hill and an interest in a seemingly changed devastatingly handsome man she has no idea what to do, explore these new feeling or stay in her current relationship which is safe and familiar. 

“Although I know I shouldn’t want him, I do. I crave him and want just one taste to see what he’s like, if he’s worth the rush I get from him. Joey’s my drug in the worst possible way.”

Overall I really enjoyed this book and hope there is more to come in this series as in some ways I felt as though the ending needed more or maybe I just didnt want it to end. 

4/5 overall.

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