Tuesday, February 19, 2013

JB McGee - Conspiring - TOUR

When Bradley refuses to take Veronica to his cousin's wedding, she finds herself in the company of the charming and attractive Ian. There is no denying that Veronica and Ian have an intense, mutual attraction which draws them together like magnets. But what neither of them realizes is that their attraction isn't the only thing pulling them together. It is a small world, and it’s about to get a whole lot smaller when an innocent fling turns into an intricate plan to conspire.

Ever since I read my first JB McGee book I have been addicted, I need them! and preferably all at once but I suppose I will have to endure the pain of waiting for her to write the next one with everyone else, I don't think wishing a book to be finished actually works :(

Conspiring the 3rd book but 2.5th installment, and even though it is a Novella it still gripped me. I LOVE this series 'This' is becoming one of my all time favorites

This Novella tells the story of Victoria and Ian, and I am so glad that we got to hear more of their story after being introduced to them in Mending and I was not disappointed. Any fan of the series will have some serious hate towards these two and quite frankly Victoria was damn right bitchy and spiteful BUT she was memorable and stuck with you, as much as you want to hate her you cant help but want to read more about her at the same time. 

This book takes the couple to a while new place and gives you slight emotional whiplash, do I like them? Do I hate them? I just don't know, but what I do know is that I cannot wait to read more in this phenomenal series, come on JB I will send you cookies if you can write faster? :) 

JB is amazing at creating tension and in this particular book she took her turn at sexual tension, gosh damn I loved it, and even though it wasn't the size of a full length novel it doesn't matter because there is still a story worth reading. 

This book is a must read if like me you loved this series, if you have yet to read it then what are you thinking? Get onto Amazon and one click that baby right now IT WILL BE WORTH IT.

Thank yo to JB McGee for my ARC I adored it!

4.5/5 stars.

J.B. McGee is the Amazon best selling author of the THIS Series. 
This Series is her debut series.

Broken (This #1) (debut novel)
Mending (This #2)
Conspiring (This 2.5)
Forgiven (This #3) Coming Spring 2013.
Falling (This #3.5) Coming Early Summer 2013.
Blinded (This #4) Coming Late Summer 2013.

He flips me back over and chastely kisses my lips. “Next time, don’t take so long to call me back.” His eyes never leave mine as he puts his clothes back on. I’m yearning for more when he walks out of my room. He hollers over his shoulder, “That should have helped your appetite. Eat.”
I am flabbergasted by his boldness, but I must admit I find it so incredibly sexy. If I had the energy I would run after him, but I don’t. I pull my duvet up and cover my naked, sated body as I drift off to sleep.

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  1. Just the excerpt has me knowing I'm going to love this series. The reviews and bloggers all agree that this is a must read. If off to buy the series and get hooked just like everyone else. Thanks for being part of the blog tour. I love hearing different bloggers opinions.