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Kathryn Vance-Perez - Tour

Love and Truth - Tour

Eighteen-year-old Nicole Harrison has spent her high school years devoted to academics and dance, leaving no time for a boyfriend and a life. Her parents’ shocking divorce causes Nicole to believe that true love is impossible to find. After spending her life in a small Texas town, Nicole joins a foreign exchange student dance program in the country where she was born. After years dreaming about her birthplace, she boldly leaves her world behind and moves in with a host family on the island of Okinawa in Japan. She anxiously awaits a year of improving her dance technique while enjoying a world of new experiences 

Jonathan Hayes was born to a Japanese mother and American Marine father via a surrogate in the States. After his father’s tragic death in Iraq when Jonathan was only a baby, his mother moved them back to her home in Okinawa. As a child, Jonathan's mother immersed him in American culture to honor his father. His good looks and immense musical talent have left him with no shortage of female admirers. But after a bad break-up from his girlfriend of two years, Jonathan plunges into a playboy lifestyle that leads him along a destructive path. As his wounds begin to slowly heal, he tries regaining his self-respect by living on the straight and narrow. But his heart remains closed to the idea of love; that is, until the night he sees the beautiful and innocent Nicole Harrison, upon the balcony of his neighbor’s home. 

While Nicole tries to navigate an unfamiliar country, she also has to learn how to navigate the unfamiliar and unwanted feelings she's developing for Jonathan through some very heart-wrenching and trying times. 

Will her fears push him away, or will Jonathan show her the truth of loyal love…

I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of getting to know Kathryn before this book was released and she gave me the opportunity to read it in exchange for an honest review and I could not be more pleased. I have grown to adore the writing style she uses and am now beta reading her next book 'Therapy'.

"Only love and truth, okay? Only love and truth from now on. There’s nothing to be afraid of.” 

The cover of Love and Truth is everything I love; clean, simple and eye-catching. 

“Okay, I can see that you’re set on this bat shit crazy adventure. You want to go Eat Love Pray, I can follow that.”

We begin the journey with the story of Nicole; 18 years old and completely dedicated to dance, so much so that she is taking the trip of a lifetime and heading to Japan for an exchange programme for Dancing. The last thing she expects is to meet someone who steals her heart.

"You have to break the bounds of your past and rewrite the story you've been telling yourself based on the experiences of others. You have to write your own story"

Enter Jonathan Hayes, an American living full time in Japan; her kind of man candy. He has it all with his good looks and charming personality it doesn't take long for a spark to develop between them. Nicole has never had a boyfriend and being affected by him in such a way is an eye opener for her especially as she is reluctant to give her heart away. 

"No turning back, no regrets, and no second guessing. I knew at that moment, gazing into the sea-green ocean that my life was about to begin."

This story also has the perfect best friend, Annie. Oh My gosh she was a hoot to read, she literally has me snort laughing in parts and made me wish she was my best friend.

Nicole comes across as such a sweet girl, but you can tell she is fed up of being the good girl, she is ready to take chances and do things she never though where possible. I loved watching her grow and become such an amazing character throughout and that is where the writing really shone, you could clearly see the evolution of  her.

“Why in the name of God do you wear these ugly ass granny panties? I swear it looks like you could parachute from the Dallas Lincoln Plaza with these and have a nice soft landing! Why don’t you get on the internet and apply your online shopping skills while purchasing some panties that do not look like they came from your Grans drawer?” 

This is a true romance story that also follows the road of self discovery and coming into women hood and independence. This story was such a page turner that I never wanted it to end, it brings out feelings and you can really connect with the characters.

“No matter how hard I fought it, no matter how unreasonable or out of control it felt, I knew that Jonathan Hayes owned me, heart and soul.” 

Original and page turning, this book is a must read for everyone and I hope to see Amazing things in Kathryn's future because she more than deserves it with the talent she shows.

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