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Mj Abraham - Book Tour

MJ Abraham - Book Tour

Victoria Rivera never expected to be a divorcee by the age of 25. She was supposed to spend the rest of her life with Eric, the handsome, successful lawyer who promised her the world. When the unthinkable happens, Victoria swears to herself that she will not be so easily duped again. Heartbroken and lost, she decides that she needs a fresh start, in a new city, far away from everything and everyone from her old life. 

After getting burned the first time, the last thing on Victoria’s mind is love. But happenstance leads her to a chance encounter with Jared, a sexy, kind-hearted veterinarian who is determined to get under her skin and in the way of her plans. 

Can she learn to open herself up again and give love a second chance? Or will her past get in the way of any future with Jared?

Sometimes what you are not looking for finds you anyway.

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As soon as I saw the cover for this book I knew that I had to read it as it is fun, flirty and sexy. (I would also love this woman's body, I would never wear clothes). 

This a debut novel from the lovely author MJ Abraham and I am very grateful to say I received an ARC from her in exchange for an honest review and was also given the opportunity to organize the book tour for her.

You start off meeting Victoria, 25 and divorced. Well that tends to happen when you catch your husband getting his freak on with someone other then you, I certainly wanted to give him a slap. Victoria is on a mission to start her life over; after moving to a new area near her best friend she wants to carry on with her life and currently finding love is the last thing on her mind, but as the saying goes love tends to happen in mysterious ways. 

Trying to get organized in her new life Victoria comes across a stray dog and brings him into a local practice, hoping to drop him off and leave the last thing she expects is to meet Dr Jared Owens. Hot, Charming and funny, he has all the makings of a perfect hallmark card and he becomes the one guy Victoria cannot get out of her mind. 

After a bit of gentle persuasion from her friend, Victoria agree's to try casual dating after all she can't seem to stop swooning over Dr Sexy (That is what I shall call him).  

Victoria has just signed her divorce papers and is ready to move on from the man who broke her heart. She decides to pack her bags and move away from her family and leave behind the life. She has a great new apartment, a new teaching job and will be moving by her best friend. The last thing she wants is to find a man and fall in love. After being betrayed by the one man she thought she would spend her life with, she is afraid to put herself and her heart out there again. Until she meets Jared Owens.

The characters in this book are extremely likable and as a reader you can relate to them, it was a fun, light and sexy read that kept me quite satisfied with the end result. You are able to understand what Jessica is going through, she may appear a little indecisive at times, but you know she is only trying to guard her heart from potentially breaking once again.

This was an excellent first Novel and I cannot wait to read more from this author and this series! This is the perfect light read for a Sunday afternoon with a nice cup of tea.

4.5/5 stars

MJ Abraham lives in bipolar weather Florida with a husband that makes her laugh and a superhero son that calls her Princess. She has a degree in Business Administration from Nova University but finds the people in her head to be much more interesting. She is a lover of clever words, reading way past her bedtime, and zombies. She may or may not be as random as her bio. 

Contact her:
Twitter: MJAbraham12

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