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Echo - Book Tour

Echo by Alicia Wright Brewster  
Publication: April 25th 2013
by Dragonfairy Press
Genre: YA Sci-Fi

The countdown clock reads ten days until the end of the world. The citizens are organized. Everyone's been notified and assigned a duty. The problem is . . . no one knows for sure how it will end.

Energy-hungry Mages are the most likely culprit. They travel toward a single location from every corner of the continent. Fueled by the two suns, each Mage holds the power of an element: air, earth, fire, metal, water, or ether. They harness their powers to draw energy from the most readily available resource: humans.

Ashara has been assigned to the Ethereal task force, made up of human ether manipulators and directed by Loken, a young man with whom she has a complicated past. Loken and Ashara bond over a common goal: to stop the Mages from occupying their home and gaining more energy than they can contain. But soon, they begin to suspect that the future of the world may depend on Ashara's death.


As soon as I read the Synopsis for this book I knew it was my cup of tea, as much as I love a good kinky romance I will forever be a sci-fi/paranormal girl (I blame this on growing up with Buffy religiously)

10 days until the end of the world.

But how will the world end?

The story is told through the POV of Ashara out heroin who has been assigned the task of working under Loken in the Ethereal Task Force this means she has the power to control the ether energy in her world. Working side by side with the hot and captivating alpha male that is Loken means that it isn't long before they find themselves bonding over the common goal of trying to save the world . . . sounds easy right? Well not exactly . . .  Loken also happens to be her ex. 

The enemy; Mages. Nasty creatures that hold the power of an element - Air, Earth, Wind, Fire or Ether. There mission is to end the world and take town Ashra while they are at it. 

This is a fast paced dystopian feel novel that will leave your eyes glued to the pages needed to know what happened next, will they be able to save the world and reunite the spark between them or will the world end before they have the chance to right the wrong's between them?

Over all a great read that i would recommend to anyone who is a fan of this genre. 

4/5 Stars.


Alicia Wright Brewster is a mild-mannered lady of average height and above average paranormal obsession. By day, she works in an office. At night she is an author, an electronics junkie, and a secret superhero.

In her virtually non-existent free time, she loves to read, watch movies, and eat food. She is particularly fond of the food-eating and makes a point to perform this task at least three times per day, usually more.

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