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Review for A Taste of You by: Sorcha Grace (Vanessa)

Review for A Taste of You by: Sorcha Grace

She didn’t know how hungry she was…Beautiful and talented Catherine Kelly is intent on starting over as a food photographer in Chicago. With her painful past buried over 2000 miles away, she’s focused on her career and is hungry for little else. Until she meets William Lambourne, a wealthy bachelor with arresting blue-grey eyes filled with enough tragedy to match her own. William urges Catherine to step out from behind her camera and fully taste all that life has to offer, stirring an appetite in her she never knew she possessed - and it’s one only he can satisfy. 

He couldn’t wait to feed her…A gourmand who takes great pleasure in food and in women, William Lambourne is rich, powerful, and gorgeous -- and as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom. Longing for a woman to truly savor, William finds his match in Catherine. From the moment he meets her, he is determined to discover the perfect recipe to unlock Cat’s resolve, awaken her senses, and make her his own.

Theirs is a meal worth savoring…William is as mysterious as he is passionate, but as Catherine begins to fall for the stormy-eyed billionaire, she knows she must reveal her own dark secrets. But first, William must win Cat’s heart to ensure their pasts don’t undo them.

Book 1 in The Epicurean series, A Taste of You will leave you ravenous for more of Cat and William’s story!

First, let me start by saying...yum. I loved how food, sex, mystery, and humor all intertwined to create this delightful morsel of a story. William is your typical Alpha male who is used to getting what he wants & doesn't take "no" for an answer. I know it's been done many many times before but when you pull his brand of sexy and his background (even though tragic, still loving) into a storyline involving something as simple as food, it's a wonderful twist on the domination factor. I mean, who wouldn't want a man who comes to your house, brings chocolate, covers you in it & licks it all off...all without so much as removing his shoes? :-) William cooks, cares and showers Catherine with gifts, what's not to love, right? 

Catherine was also a nice spin on your typical "weak" female, meaning she isn't weak at all. She carries guilt from her past, and a stigma because of it. She has the most amazing best friend (Beckett--whom I adore) who helps her without being too much of "that" friend. Catherine is independent, successful and not too young. She's had life experiences which make her a more mature character without actually having the number of years to show for it. While she's not sure what he wants in her love life, she is focused with her career and proves that a man isn't needed but wanted and I really enjoyed that about her.

Now, to the juicy part...the HOT love scenes!! That's really all I can say, they sizzled! Any combination of food and sex has me completely sold...those are two of my most favorite things & to see them played out on the pages in front of me had me hungry in more ways than one! I loved the connection between the characters and how most of the scenes seemed actually "doable" (no pun intended). ;-) I really enjoyed their conversations, both in and out of the bedroom...William has quite the sexy imagination and that was hot. Catherine's inner dialog was also very good and not too over the top. She's funny & witty, even when she doesn't think she is and that made her all the more real.

Now, the worst part...WTH happened at the end?!? I thought I didn't get the entire book and kept trying to turn the page! Seriously, what a way to end the was like watching a movie or tv show where the screen goes black all of a sudden & you think the cable went out. I yelled at my kindle, "NOOO!" I would've liked to have known it was "to be continued..." Although, I obviously figured it out, sometimes when I'm in the moment, I need that blurb, just to reassure me it's not actually over! 

I very much look forward to reading the next installment of this tale, William & Catherine are just getting started and I cannot wait to see what kind of courses the create in and out of the kitchen! Oh, and Beckett & Alec too!

Advance copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

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