Monday, June 17, 2013

The day I met Jamie McGuire - (Plus an interview)

Here in the UK author signings are something happen few and far between, so when I found out that the amazing lady behind Travis Maddox was coming to the UK I jumped on the chance to meet and greet with her and also have my collection of books signed.

The location of the book signing was at Kings Cross Station, if you are a fan of Harry Potter you will know just how iconic that is to the literary world and I adored it. As a blogger I was given the opportunity to connect with some of Jamie's Fans before the event and was also given the opportunity to ask her a few questions. 

The queue for the signing was amazing not to mention the atmosphere was electric; here where a group of people who where just as much in love with these books as myself and I got the chance to meet some great people in the queue. 

Jamie looked stunning and was the definition of sophistication - it was an absolute delight to chat with her and ask her some things I have been dying to know - 

When asked about the response to Walking Disaster she said that she has been very surprised; people are loving knowing the book from Travis's perspective and getting to know his inner workings. I know from speaking to fans of the series that some even found Jamie through this book then moved on to Beautiful disaster and found it just as gratifying.

When can we expect more from the Maddox Brothers? Jamie told me she will start writing the stories of the Maddox  Brother next January with a release aim of the fall of 2014 - Yes this is ages away but never fear  because there is more Jamie coming before this in the form of two books - 

RED HILL – (Current WIP) Release Fall 2013 Scarlet’s daughters were an hour away with their father the day the world ended. Nate, a newly-single father, is trying to find a safe place for him and his daughter to ride out the horror around them. Miranda, a young woman in college, struggles through the congested highway with her sister and their boyfriends to reach her father’s secluded ranch. Red Hill is an intense drama, told from each characters’ POV as they fight to survive and ultimately find their way to each other. 
APOLONIA – TBA A YA sci-fi romance featuring introvert Rory Reardon and secretive Cy, her research partner. When Rory finally discovers Cy’s secret, he is already in danger. Together, they must get Cy to his departure site – at the designated date and time – before the entire world is held accountable. More Beautiful novels: 

The one question everyone wants to know where are there any updates on Beautiful Disaster 'The Movie' Officially no but I have a feeling there is something that will be announced in the up coming future given my the stern look from Jamie's US publicist when Jamie asked if she could answer. 

My Random Question of the day was what was Jamie's essential travel item - Apart from Nappies for her adoreable 9month old she had to say a book because travelling is the only time she gets to read.
Jamie's current read was 
Elizabeth Hunters 'A Hidden Fire'

Overall this was an amazing day and I cannot wait to read more from this amazing author and Lady.

Reviews will be posted this week!

(A  Huge thank you to Kat from Simon and Schuster UK for making this day possible and giving me an experience I will not forget) 

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