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Author Spotlight - Phoebe Lane

Book Blurb

The past pulls. The future shoves. The present just begs for a time-out.
Aislynn Currington is searching for an escape from her tumultuous past, one that includes a severely broken heart and a very complicated relationship with a mother who uses criticism as her preferred mode of expressing love.

Jace Quinn is a driven businessman who, even after surviving a serious life-changing event, remains hell bent on avoiding any form of serious attachment.

Some define insanity as doing things repeatedly while expecting a different outcome. What will Aislynn and Jace need to do to break this endless loop?

With the help of their undeniably intense sexual attraction, witty banter, and love for high-end coffee machines, Aislynn and Jace learn to bravely battle through the challenges of falling in love at the most inconvenient time, in a place they did not plan to be, and with the person they can’t seem to stop running into.

Cursive’s multiple layers of drama, romance, passion, and humor are tightly bound together by an unforeseeable major twist that will keep the reader engaged and connected until the very end.


The kiss was soft, so very soft, but he could feel the sentiment behind it almost crush him with its intensity. She pulled away to catch her breath, her eyes expressive, but lips closed tight.
"Aislynn, please…say it…tell me what you want. I don't want it to be this hard for you to trust me, to reach out to me."
She kept staring at him, her silence absolutely deafening. The only sound in the room he could hear was her heart, which beat faster with each passing second. Her eyes moved down to his mouth and her fingers traced his lips slowly. Her hand crawled down his neck, to his chest, and rested over his heart.
He waited her out. He had to. She needed to do this. He had counted one hundred and ten heartbeats before she finally spoke.
"I'm trying not to love you," she whispered, her eyes closed off to him. His heart took off running almost as fast as hers and a rush of adrenaline shot through his body.
Don't stop there. Say something else. Please.
"But I do." She opened her eyes, and he was surprised to see they were full of determination. And love. Lots of love.
"My brave girl," he said with an exhale and reached up to touch her cheek. His chest wanted to explode with love for her.
"No, not brave," she said, shaking her head. "I'm so scared, Jace."
"Scared or not, I love you, too. So much, babydoc," he said, holding her face with both his hands now. He had never spoken truer words. He loved her.
I love you.
"And I'm scared, too. After everything that happened to me, what happened to you…but I'm ready for this. I'm all in," he added.
Aislynn's breath hitched and she leaned down to kiss him. She kissed him with all the love he had seen in her eyes moments before. Jace rolled over and hovered above her, not able to stop himself from tasting her lips, her tongue, her neck. Somehow, all their clothes disappeared and Jace reveled in the feeling of her warm skin on his.
"Say it again, Aislynn."
"I love you," she said without hesitation. "I love you...I love you," she repeated with kisses in between.
"Tell me what you want. Ask me for what you need," he said.
"Just…love me," she whispered, moving her hands slowly over his back.
I do.

Phoebe Lane

I have a pretty average life. I wear the mom hat, the wife shirt, the daughter pants, and the working woman peep-toe heels. But when I strip all of that down, I am an author. 

I'm still amazed I get to say that. 

I live in the US with a wonderful husband, two kids, and a dog. My husband entertains me with his hilarious form of ADD, and the kids are hell bent on proving I can live with only a few hours of sleep per day. I wake up every day just so I can experience that first sip of coffee in the morning. I swore off Disney movies the moment I watched Mufasa die, which scarred me for life. No pun intended. I pick out all the orange flavored pieces from my candy and feed them to my hubby.

I'm emotionally dynamic and of peculiar mind which is code for "hormonal and crazy." Reading contemporary romance novels is my vice, and writing them is my most valued privilege. My debut novel, Cursive, is currently available as an eBook on Amazon/B&N/Kobo/iBooks.
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