Friday, July 05, 2013

Lisa Renee Jones - Review (V)

The sexy second installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy, following If I Were You—in the seductive tradition of Fifty Shades of Grey

Fascinated by the dark fantasies in the journals she’s discovered, and the two men who have now found a place in her life, Sara McMillan finds herself torn between her new life and her past. Now, more than ever, Sara identifies with the lost journal writer, Rebecca, and is certain that something sinister has happened.

In the arms of the sexy, tormented artist Chris Merit, Sara seeks answers about Rebecca and ends up discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Chris forces Sara to reconsider who she is and what she truly wants from life, but not before his dark desires threaten to tear them apart. Her boss, Mark Compton, offers her the shelter to understand just what those needs mean to her, and what they might have meant to Rebecca, but can she trust him to lead her to a final conclusion to Rebecca’s story?

“I do not know how it’s possible, but each time I see him it is as if it’s the first time, as if he slides inside me and fills what is empty.”
Being Me picks up right where If I Were You leaves off (thank God); Sara manages to escape the darkness of the storage house and flee to the safety of her car.  Scared and alone after dark, she calls the only person she can think of.  Problem is, she left him and being close to him again is not what she needs right now…or exactly what she does.  Chris comes to her rescue (you’ll find he does this a lot) and  uses all of his charm in order to convince Sara they belong together; at least as much as either of them are willing to give.
“I want you to trust me not to run…” “And what if you can’t handle it?” “We both need to know if I can.  I don’t want us to unravel and have to wonder if it’s because I didn’t try.” “You can’t.” “Okay then I guess that’s that…” “What does that mean?”  “It means you already know I’m not what you need.  I know I’m not what you need.  Let’s not drag this out any longer than we have to.  I’m going to pack…”
Chris is incredibly protective and cannot bear to lose control.  Sara has pushed his every boundary and with the slew of unanswered questions she has, Chris just knows she’s putting herself in danger.  Sara is stubborn in her own right, feelings of unease when she’s around certain people; wondering how they fit into the puzzle of Rebecca’s disappearance, but pushing anyway, looking for answers.
“My entire life has been about what someone else got for me. I don’t want to repeat that scenario.  I won’t.” “You’re afraid to count on me.” “I’m afraid of not being able to count on me.”
Here is where things get dicey…during the course of time, Sara starts to piece things together from Rebecca’s journals.  She learns the identities of her Master(s) and why Rebecca had a grudge against her, from multiple people.  Unfortunately, they have now moved onto Sara.  Because she has virtually stepped into Rebecca’s life and is finding out that people are not who they seem. 
I love how this story is intricately woven together from different vantage points.  Everyone has a significant role to play and how it all comes together is nothing short of brilliant!  I was on the edge of my seat, turning pages almost faster than I could read them just to see what happened next!  Brava Ms. Jones, this is truly an amazing book (and Series).  I still have so many questions; even with so many being answered…I cannot wait until the final Journal & the next book!

**5 Back-Lashing Stars**

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