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Nicole Williams - Book Tour

Title: Finders Keepers (Lost and Found, #3)
Author: Nicole Williams
Release date: September 16, 2013
Age Group: Mature YA/New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Book Description:

There’s tortured. And there’s Garth Black.

His life has been a constant carousel of tragedy and disappointment, including his love life. Of course, applying the term “love” to Garth’s conquests is a gross misuse of the word. Some people were made to give and accept love, and others weren’t. Garth Black redefines the “others” category. He’s made a vow that the day he meets a woman who could sucker him into falling in love will be the day he runs away.

Garth’s plan has one flaw. What happens when he’s already fallen hard for a girl before the warning signs and red flags go up? What happens when the love he’s avoided his entire life brings him to his knees? What happens when Garth Black lets the dirtiest four letter word he’s ever known into his dark, lonely life?

This cowboy’s about to find out he can control some things, and he can’t control others. Number one on the what he can’t control list?


Review : 

There’s complicated. And there’s Rowen Sterling.
There’s optimistic. And there’s Jesse Walker. 
There’s tortured. And there’s Garth Black. 

Garth Black, the former best friend of Jesse Walker and positively dark, troubles and twisty.  So far he has not made the best impression with what we have seen from him in previous books in this series but I was more then willing to give him a chance in this book because if anyone can take an asshole and make him the kind of guy who will make your knee's go weak and breath hitch then it is the amazing Nicole Williams. 

"...I'm not asking you to trust me with your life or your heart or your love yet. I am asking you for a chance to prove myself worthy of earning those things. If you can give me that, then let's take it slow and see where this whole thing goes. Inch by inch, day by day..."

I fell in love with this book and I fell in love with Garth, dare I say this is my favourite book so far? I think you might, I just could not stop thinking about him I think I had more of a boy hangover then a book hangover. We learn why Garth is the way he is and you want more than anything to make everything okay for him and take away everything he has gone through in his life. 

You soon learn that Garth has so much he needs to come to terms with to be able to appreciate the friends he has around him, he needed that big push to realize he is worthy of love, trust and friendship. He has grown up in an abusive home and never shown love, affection or care. He believes he isn't worthy of anything or anyone after all if his parents couldn't love him then who else will?

"Don’t love me. You get to choose who you love, so please… please don’t waste it on me.”

Ever since he was five years old he has been head over his cowboy boots in love with Josie, his childhood friend and ex girlfriend of his ex bestfriend .... why all the ex's? Because after one drunken night of pure passion and lust they end up in bed together - and it was most probably the most real thing he has ever experienced.

“I wasn’t the guy who fell in love with you this past winter… I was the boy who fell in love with you that day on the school bus when we were five. And I’m the man that always will.”

In the first book I really did take a liking to Josie, okay she made a bad decision but everyone deserves a second chance and especially when that second chance involves the man who you love. Josie is a good person and knows deep down that Garth is as well if only he would realize that himself. I LOVED the flashbacks in the book, this for me helped to understand there relationship and see past all that has happened in recent years.

" I love you, Joze. I love you so fucking much. Yeah, I realize saying fuck while confessing one's love probably isn't romantic - "

I was enchanted watching the relationship evolve between Josie and Garth - she wanted him to be loved but first he had to learn to love himself and accept and overcome everything that has happened to him in his life. he had to learn to break his self destructive cycle - I literally wanted to hug him something fierce and protect him from the world, luckily Josie had the strength and determination to do that for me. 

"Let's face it, the only things I have left to lose are my boots and whatever scrap of dignity I have left. You have the world at your fingertips, and I have the weight of it on my shoulders. I know the man I am, and I know that I'm nowhere close to deserving of you...But if you feel anything for me like I feel for you, I am asking you to give us a chance. I'm begging you to give me a chance..."

This series is one that needs to be read, treasured and loved - in fact I have already purchase them in paperback so I can love them in person.

5/5 stars!

About the Author

I'm the New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that's one tiny way I can make it so. I'm one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground. 

Author Social Media Links: 

Twitter- @nwilliamsbooks; https://twitter.com/nwilliamsbooks

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