Friday, September 06, 2013


Going the Distance

When I wake the next morning I have a raging hard-on. My dreams last night had been filled with Salem. The way her soft, sensual lips brushed up against my cheek. The smell of her sweet, fruity perfume; I could still smell it on my body from sitting in her car for so many hours last night. The way her fingers ran down my arm, and how they lingered there for a moment. Everything about her excites me. I turn from my stomach to my side, trying to get more comfortable, and reach into my boxers to adjust myself. My erection is so hard it hurts; I need a release. I'm not sure I can handle spending any amount of time with her like this; I may explode in my pants at dinner. 
I pull down the front of my boxers my cock springs free. With a slow and steady movement, I begin moving my hand up and down my shaft, quickly realizing that I'm was going to need some lubricant. Skin on skin is not a pleasant feeling without a little lube. I jump up from my bed and I'm was at my dresser within a few paces. Opening the top drawer, I reach inside for the bottle of lube and squirt a quarter sized drop into the palm of my hand, then I put the bottle back in the drawer. 
Maneuvering back onto the bed is quite challenging with my boxers around my knees, while trying not to spill what's in my hand. Once I'm situated and comfortable, I begin to think about Salem’s lips, her scent, her voice, and the way it sounded when she whispered "Goodnight." It was like she didn’t want to say goodbye. At least, that’s how I remember it.  
My hand again finds my cock and I slowly begin moving it up and down my shaft, leaving a thin layer of lube on my skin. Closing my eyes, thoughts of my conversation with Salem about massages come back to me, and I slide into a daydream. My fantasy begins with Salem and I at a spa. She’s the masseuse, and I’m the client. I’m sitting on a table with a white towel wrapped around my waist. “Good afternoon, Sir,” she says playfully with a fake Swedish accent as she enters the room. The surroundings are serene, with soft sounds of nature playing through speakers, and a faint scent of lavender in the air.  
She looks stunning wearing a one piece white uniform. It reminds me of something a nurse would have worn many years ago except this one is form fitting and has a plunging neckline. The uniform hugs her body and the fabric is almost sheer at certain angles. Her breasts are pressed firmly against the uniform, her ample cleavage is showing, and her erect nipples are poking through the material.  
“Have you ever had a massage before?” She asks, breaking my attention away from her chest. “No, I haven’t,” I reply in a raspy tone, swallowing hard as I try to wet my dry throat. “Well, you are in for a real treat,” she winks at me as she runs her index finger over my shoulder. I’m not sure why she has an accent in my fantasy, but it certainly adds to the excitement of things.
“I am going to have you lie down on your stomach,” she instructs me, tapping the table lightly. Holding onto my towel so I don’t expose myself, I ease onto the table and lie face down. It's actually a relief to be on my stomach, so that she can't see how aroused I am.  
“Now sir, I am going to remove your towel, can you please lift your hips?” She whispers in my ear. I can feel her warm breath against my neck and a shiver runs down my spine as I lift my hips from the table. Her soft hands caress my skin as she gently removes the towel that’s covering my naked body. “Oh sir, you have such a wonderful physique,” she says, still speaking with the accent. She runs her fingers down my inner thigh, teasing my skin with her fingertips.  
Arousal shoots through my body and my cock twitches as thoughts of her touching me run through my mind. I begin to stroke myself faster and at this rate, this isn’t going to take me long. It’s been almost two weeks since I had the threesome with Aimee and Sarah. My days and nights have been consumed with my intense training schedule. Once I get home, I'm too tired to watch a porno flick and take care of myself. As the stroking continues, I feel a few drops of pre-come form at the tip of my cock and my balls tighten. “Salem,” I moan arching my back. 
“Okay sir, I am now going to put some massage oil on your back. It has been warmed, so I do not want you to get startled,” the palm of her hand runs gently down my back, stopping at my ass. She gives my left ass cheek a small smack and my body jumps. I then feel the warm oily substance touch my skin. It has a faint musky scent and it begins to tingle as it seeps into my pores. She begins rubbing my shoulders working the oil deep into my skin. Her hands are small yet powerful as she massages the oil deeper into my skin, and I can feel it penetrating into my muscles.  
“Oh Sir, you are extremely tense. This not good. We are going to have to do something to take care of that,” I can hear the smile in her voice. “I’m going to have to get better leverage.” The weight of her body presses against mine. She’s now sitting on my lower back; straddling me. I can feel the warmth radiating from between her legs and I’m pretty sure she isn’t wearing any panties. Burying my face into the massage table, I try to stifle a moan. She lays her body down on top of mine and I can feel her breasts pressing against my back. “How does that feel, Sir?” Her voice is breathy and as she runs her tongue along my ear lobe, another moan escapes my lips.  
My cock is as stiff as a board and being pressed up against this table is quite uncomfortable. “Miss, I need to roll over,” I say courteously. “Of course, Sir, I am here only to please you.” Her body slips off of mine, and she eases herself to a standing position.  
As I pull myself up to a sitting position, I notice her blue eyes staring at me. “Would you like your towel, Sir?” Turning around she bends over at the waist and reaches for the towel that’s on the floor. Her beautiful pussy is exposed. God, I want to sink my cock into it so badly. She turns back around with the towel in her hand. “So you can cover up,” her eyes glance down at my erection and she runs her tongue across her lips seductively. “No,” I growl. Easing myself off the table, I close the gap between us. I look her up and down taking her all in, and notice that her uniform is almost up to her waist. Grabbing her, I pull her closer to me and run my hand up under her skirt. My fingers trace their way over her mound, then in between her silky wet lips, searching frantically for her bud; she gasps when I find it. “Oh Sir. . .” She moans breathlessly throwing her head back exposing her neck to me. I feverishly kiss and bite her neck and collarbone.  
“Oh God, Salem, you're so beautiful.” I can feel the sensation of ejaculation coming from the base of my penis and my eyes roll into the back of my head.
“Saint,” I hear my name being called from the hallway. My eyes open in sheer panic. “Dude, last night was fucking EPIC!” Adrian says as he barges through my door. “Get the fuck out!” I yell, as I throw a pillow across the room at him. “Oh Christ,” Adrian says in embarrassment, as he rushes out of my room.

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  1. I am so going to get this book,this excerpt was wonderful - left me wanting more... Thank you for sharing this little bit with me.