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Now and Then (Now #1)
Release Date: 08/04/13

Summary from Goodreads:
Now Emmaline Carson is a sharp, settled graphic designer who loves painting, cooking and girls’ night out with her older sister Layla. But then – in the years before she went to art school in Paris – she was a shy, awkward teenager with frizzy hair, a flat chest and a massive crush on the boy across the street, Cole Marlowe. Too bad her incredibly hot neighbor only had eyes for Layla.

Cole is now a confident, laid-back attorney who’s even hotter than he used to be. He’s planning to stay single while working his way up the corporate ladder – until he’s knocked off course by a chance run-in with Emma.

Everything is different between Cole and Emma now. He finally sees her in a way she only dreamed of, and their hot chemistry is fueled by a growing friendship. But Emma’s deception of her sister – who wants Cole for herself – and the secret Cole’s been keeping for more than a decade threaten to tear apart what’s only just begun. Because sometimes the only thing standing in the way of now is then.

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Review—Now and Then by Brenda Rothert

“He was the cutest boy she’d ever seen.  When he’d smiled at her, she’d felt like her insides were melting.  Maybe it was okay that her new neighbor was a boy after all.”
“As she left the coffee shop, she exhaled deeply, trying to calm her thudding heart.  Cole Marlowe hadn’t crossed her mind in a while.  But just one look into those blue-gray eyes and she was weak in the knees again.  She thought of his broad smile and deep, warm voice the entire way up to her office.”

How do you know when a childhood crush is really just a future to your past?  Emmaline Carson used to be a shy girl, with dark frizzy hair and a petite frame.  Not athletic, but artistic; living in the shadow of her older sister, Layla.  When the Marlowe’s moved in across the street, Emma wanted nothing more than to really be seen instead of passed over for her sister; who was smart, beautiful, athletic and very determined.  Emma knew that she would never measure up to Layla and there was no way a boy three + years older than her would ever see her as more than just a “kid sister”…then she grew up.

After high school, Emma spread her wings with her art and moved to Paris.  Living there for four years and just being free; free to be herself, no one to compete with or overshadowed by.  Emma soared; she became the confident, beautiful woman everyone else already saw.  Moving back home to once again be close to her family, Emma found a job that almost showcases her talent and continues to paint on her own time.  Still ever the quiet, shy girl; Emma’s social life is pretty much non-existent.  The bright side is that being close to her family, she can see them frequently for dinners and the relationship with her sister is stronger than it’s ever been.  What she never counted on was running into the one person who could change everything…

“Having him see her, really see her in this most intimate way, had been worth all the years of waiting.”

Now, to break the news to their families…who had been rooting for Layla to end up with Cole all this time.  Dealing with underlying insecurities and family secrets creates tension neither Cole or Emma was prepared for.  It’s not every day, the woman wants to keep a relationship under wraps…usually she wants to shout it from the rooftops; especially when it’s with someone like Cole!  Emma is too worried about how everyone else feels she neglects the most important person, herself. 

“Em,” Cole said, his expression serious as he met her eyes, “You have to stop thinking that way.  You’re not a teenager with a crush on an older boy anymore.  You’re a beautiful, smart, incredible woman.  I’m the lucky one, not you.”

Brenda Rothert has mixed the perfect amount of like, lust, love and crazy into this story.  I am definitely a forever fan of hers.  Now and Then is one of those books you can just keep on reading; like good movie that you could watch over and over again…even if you’ve already watched it once (or twice) that day. I thoroughly enjoy her writing style, her characters, and the little twists she adds that are all her own and original.  Great read full of flawed characters, real issues, family ties, steamy love scenes, and proof that childhood dreams do really come true.  

**4 Sometimes You Have to Just Do You Stars**

About the Author
Brenda Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three sons. She was a daily print journalist for nine years, during which time she enjoyed writing a wide range of stories.
These days Brenda writes New Adult Romance in the Contemporary and Dystopian genres.

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