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Jack Wilder - The Missionary


Ex-Navy SEAL Stone Pressfield has a bad feeling about the proposed church missions trip to Manila, Philippines. The college-age church group plans to go to Manila and help victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Stone's lingering nightmare memories about the sex-trafficking industry have him warning church leaders that the trip is a bad idea. He knows all too well that it could end in violence, and those involved aren't to be trifled with.

When beautiful Wren Morgan goes missing, he has a sick feeling that he knows exactly who took her, and for what purpose. The problem is, Wren isn't just any other student. She's someone he's close to, someone he cares about. Now she's in the hands of cruel, evil men, and Stone is the only one who can rescue her before the unthinkable happens.

Review - (Fern)

Ever since I found out that the Amazing Jasinda Wilder's husband was writing his own book I knew that I had to read it because if talent ran in that family (which I now know it does) then it was going to be nothing short of amazing - and you know what it even out lived my expectations and caused me to go into complete book hangover mode.

Wow. Pure Genius. Original. Exciting. A League of it's own.

After reading the blurb for this book I knew it wasn't going to be fluffy smut filled tale - I knew it was going to be something read and thought provoking - The plot was original and the research and detail that went into achieving the plot was brilliant. 

After reading this book I cannot tell you how much I now want a sexy Navy Seal as my man thing :) I have always had a thing for a man in uniform but now I know exactly where I want him to work - what is more attractive than a sexy alpha male badass? Stone Pressfield *drools*

Wren Morgan (amazing name by the way), my heart literally broke her her I just wanted to protect her from the world and tell her everything was going to be okay - she was thrown into such an unimaginable situation. We like to pretend we live in a perfect world and if it doesn't effect us then we tend to be ignorant towards it - I was shocked at what is still happening in the around us and I am grateful to Jack for writing something so real.

Normally I HATE reading female perspectives written by men, they somehow don't manage to make it real but Jack knew what he was talking about - he understood us women and made me believe Wren as a character (Jasinda is one lucky women is all I can day). He also managed to bring a whole new level of Alpha hotness to Stone. 

This book gave us so much and I have so much to say about it but I do not want to spoil it for everyone else so if you have read it and like me need someone to talk to do not hesitate to send me a message. 

The Missionary offers readers all types of elements. It's suspenseful, action packed, and hot and steamy. Speaking of hot and steamy the sexual scenes were really hot and well written. When it comes to male authors I'm always curious to see if they can pull off "hot" sexual scenes. Mr Wilder didn't disappoint.

Overall, I enjoyed The Missionary. I can see myself reading it again. I'm looking forward to reading more of Mr. Wilder's work in the future. I like his writing style and can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

This book will make you feel and experience things you would never expect from a book - please please add it to your TBR list and join me in becoming a Jack Wilder groupie - I think we need badges. 

Thank you so much for the chance to review this book!

6/5 stars and I cannot wait for more.

- Vanessa 

Review—The Missionary by Jack Wilder

“Fear.  Not just the simple too-fast thumping of her heart and clenching of her stomach.  No, this was deeper, powerful beyond comprehension.  This was pure, unadulterated terror.  She couldn’t summon the reason for the terror, but it was there, tainting everything.  It was why she didn’t call out, ask for help.  She was tied up in the darkness, in pain, and some instinct told her to stay quiet.  Avoid attention.”

Wren Morgan is just a normal, American, college girl.  She’s rooted in her faith and has a genuine love for everyone.  She’s always the first to help, comes early and leaves late from the building where she and many other students attend Church services, prayer meetings, and songs in worship.  It’s just the kind of girl she is.  Wren is what one would call the “total package”, but she only has eyes for one…one man who seems hell-bent on keeping her farther than arms-length…Stone Pressfield.

You see, Stone carries a burden in his heart, his mind, his very being; one that he cannot share and because it haunts him daily, he cannot escape.  Wren wants to know him, and wants him to know her.  There is a connection…but believing in God and having complete faith are two separate things, and some things should never be seen in order to believe.  In Stone’s eyes, he would never measure up to the purity and innocence that is Wren Morgan.

“He wasn’t a good Christian.  He was a soldier, and he believed because he’d seen the truth.  He’d experienced death and felt the presence of God.  He’d witnessed miracles…He’d seen the worst in humanity and dealt death to the scum of the earth.  He’d also seen true heroism and courage, seen sacrifice and the power of faith…So yeah, he believed.  But his was the kind of faith grounded in gritty reality…beyond the narrow field that these kids experienced.”

Both belonging to the same Church organization, but on opposite sides of the spectrum, Wren and Stone face the same dilemma many people in their situation might…but that’s not what’s important.  No, this story goes way beyond the connection of two people…it’s dark, haunting, and out-right terrifying.

Something as simple as a school mission trip; they happen every day all over the world.  A way to bring awareness to various causes, aide to those in need, and share Spirituality & Faith with people otherwise deprived.  But the mission trip Wren’s Church decides on is just dangerous.  They are going to Manila, Philippines; going to bring awareness and aide to people who are victims of sexual slavery and/or human trafficking.  HELLO—RED FLAG!  Everything about this trip screams DANGER.  Stone knows this in his gut, something he was trained a long time ago to always trust…and begging Wren not to go is no use.  She sees the opportunity to do a few things:  help those in need, raise awareness for this very real issue, and learn about her heritage.   Never in a million years does ANYONE think that something so horrible could happen to them…but Stone knows all too well, it can and does happen.  Now, he’s forced to return to the one place he hoped he’d never have to…because he knows that whatever the cost, he will keep Wren (along with everyone else) safe.

“’Home. I want…I want to go home.’ She tried to summon thoughts of home, but nothing came…It felt like she’d been in Manila forever.  Like the person she’d been was gone, and someone else had taken that place.  She was still Wren Morgan, still had the same brain and body and soul, but the fabric and substance and content of who she was had been irrevocably altered.”
The horrifying story of being kidnapped in broad daylight, drugged, beaten, raped…this really happens.  And while this book is a work of fiction, the subject is a very real issue.  I was completely hooked from the very first chapter.  The detail of Wren’s encounters with her captors is absolutely gut-wrenching to read.  And the stories shared by other women who had been victims…yes, I cried.  This book is heavy…heavy a matter that most people choose to turn the other cheek towards.  The statistics are staggering (and those are real) for how sick and terrifying our world really is.  The words on each page are pure gold…although embellished because hey, it’s fiction, there is so much information to absorb.  To say I loved it would be wrong…I didn’t love it.  How can I?  The Missionary evoked such a strong emotional reaction out of me, love is entirely the wrong word.  I don’t even know if I have the right word(s) to describe this book.  I couldn’t do it justice.  Jack Wilder is so talented in the way he pulls the reader in, keeps them guessing how things will turn out, and still managing to weave a love story into an otherwise tragic telling of abduction, abuse, drugs, sex, life, death, faith and hope.

*stands and claps hands*

Well done, Mr. Wilder.  You are an amazing writer and this is proof that heavy subject matter can be tragic, yet beautiful…but most of all, informative and educational.  At the end of the day, this book has done its job; it made me think and feel, but most importantly, it opened my eyes to something very real and has encouraged me to want to make a difference.  For that, along with this amazing book, I thank you. 
**5 Not Broken, Just Bent Stars**

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