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Stripped - Book Tour (V)

Stripped by Brenda Rothert
Release Date: 05/27/13
New Adult Contemporary Romance
262 pages

Abby Gillis is used to being called a promiscuous, uneducated whore. It’s all in a day’s work when you’re a stripper. Since her job allows her to support her siblings, 24-year-old Abby takes it all off in stride. She’s never had trouble keeping men at arm’s length – until she meets ER physician Chris Reneau, who is sexy, sweet and interested in more than what’s beneath her clothes. As their relationship unfolds, Abby becomes increasingly aware of the desire building in her for the first time, and of her yearning to be wanted by the one man who truly sees all of her.

Commitment-averse Chris finds himself in uncharted territory. He wants Abby, that’s clear, but he can’t accept not having all of her. As the distance between them erodes, he tries to convince Abby to give up stripping for a chance at something real. As the two of them get closer, Abby realizes that truly baring it all has nothing to do with her body. Chris makes her feel more exposed than she ever has, and she has to grapple with what’s left when her notions about herself and those around her are stripped away, leaving only the naked truth.

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About the Author
Brenda Rothert lives in Central Illinois with her husband and three sons. She was a daily print journalist for nine years, during which time she enjoyed writing a wide range of stories.
These days Brenda writes New Adult Romance in the Contemporary and Dystopian genres.

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Review—Stripped by Brenda Rothert

“As she straddled his lap, keeping her feet on the floor, Chris’ eyes closed and inhaled sharply. Abby felt his hardness beneath her and knew he was as turned on as she was. She stroked her fingertips down his cheeks, neck and chest and he threw his head back. As she leaned forward, she grabbed his biceps for support and whispered against his ear. “Touch me,” she said. His hands moved quickly from his sides up her thighs, to her back, and down to cup her bottom, pulling her tight against him.”

I love a good story where the heroine is in a job one might consider “degrading” or “seedy” and she just owns it. Abby is a stripper three nights a week. She’s not one of those girls that needs to be drunk or high before performing on stage and she knows that her dancing is what pays the bills—it keeps her family fed, clothed, and with a roof over their heads. At just 24 years old, Abby is more grown up (and has been for some time) than most. Taking on her three younger siblings and caring for her drug-addicted mother, Abby is a seriously strong woman.

What she lacks is her own self-worth; learning to love herself is the one challenge Abby cannot seem to overcome…until she gets a glimpse into a life she has only ever admired and envied from afar. A life that she just has to submit to, a life where she is the center of another person’s world, cherished, cared for, loved. The surprise is that this life is available and waiting for her; with a man she least expects. A hot doctor she met and tried to dance for once, only to be turned down; and as fate would have it, have him treat her mother in the hospital just a short time later. Doctor Chris Reneau. She has his attention, possibly his heart (which he is very reluctant to give)…now, they just have to find a way to make their two totally different worlds connect.

“Chris had become special to her. He was smart, warm and a good listener. Her admiration for him grew every time she saw him working at the hospital. People came to the emergency room during their worst moments: upset, broken and hurting. He was reassuring and capable, healing people one at a time. And what did she do for people? She got men off for money as a stripper. He was the best side of humanity, and she was the worst. Next to him, she had so little to offer. And she continued feeling more and more self-conscious about him not wanting the one thing she did have: her body.”

This book was like a breath of fresh air. It was different on a level I don’t think I can explain…but let me try.

First, you have a woman who has a job where judgment from anyone not in that field is par for the course…then you have the complete opposite of the spectrum in your man; he’s a doctor. Now, I’m not saying that the stereotype of either determines a persons’ self-worth, because there are strippers with a heart of gold (like Abby) and there are doctors (unlike Chris) who are complete pieces of – yeah, you get my drift. I liked how they tried to be friends first, how the chance meeting after the club is what drew them together, how they established silly rules that neither could follow in a feeble attempt to just remain friends. All of these aspects are what made for a very enjoyable read. I also liked the insinuation of sex, the innuendo, without a ton of graphic details. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a steamy, “all up in there” love scene but this book didn’t need it and it was still just as good. This book felt intimate. It touched on various topics without being too heavy in any one specific part (it was just enough for my imagination to run a little wild). It focused on bringing two hearts together that seemingly would not fit, and the alternating POV between Chris and Abby was a definite bonus. I look forward to reading more from this author as her style and storylines are different even though familiar…truly, a breath of fresh air. 

**4 Opposites Attract Stars**

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