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Working It - Blog Tour + This or that

A story of heart-stopping, toe-curling passion by the beloved bestselling author of Hard to Love, Resisting Her, and The Impact of You.

Straight-laced and well-mannered southerner Emmy Clarke is out of her depth in New York City’s fashion world, but when she lands a job as an assistant at a modeling agency it seems like the perfect mix of business and pleasure. Working under the notoriously tyrannical Fiona Stone is a nightmare, but there’s one distinct perk: ogling the ridiculously hot male models who parade through the office—particularly rising star Ben Shaw.

Ben is everything Emmy’s not: exquisitely gorgeous, highly paid, and well-traveled. He’s also got more issues than Vogue. Emmy looks after Ben on photo shoots, but she refuses to become another one of his lusting groupies. Ben finds Emmy’s refreshingly real attitude to be surprisingly attractive.

Against a backdrop of the most fashionable cities in the world, casual flirting turns into an illicit affair, but when Ben’s twisted past is revealed, and the bitter Fiona catches wind of their relationship, their careers and hearts are threatened.
Review -

I have become a huge Kendall Ryan fan over the past few months and this book has pretty much sealed the deal, it was so hot I very nearly had to take a cold shower or at least shove some ice down my top!

Every girl has that dream of moving to the big bad city and getting thee job of their dreams, what you don;t expect is to also have a big bad boss who releases making you life a little more hellish. Emmy Clark has moved to the Big Apple in hopes of starting a new life - her job is an assistant at a modelling agency, but she is also the favourite torture toy of her boss Fiona Stone who loves nothing more then to tease and torment Emmy daily. 

Enter the very lickable and very likeable Ben Shaw - Even his name sounds sexy. He is a top model working for Fiona who he also shares a very secret and sordid past, you kind of want to slap him for it. Although gorgeous he suffers commitment issues so women to him are no more than a one night stand, after all he has women literally drooling over him daily. Once Ben meets Emmy he sets his sights on her but what he begins to realise is she isn't like the other easy women he knows it is going to take a lot more to get her under his sheets or should I say under him.

Add in one three month trip to Paris and you have all the makings for a hit, steamy and illicit Holiday romance that could end in bad repercussions when they arrive home. 

I likes Emmy she managed to maintain her integrity throughout although her indecisiveness did frustrate me to no end, if I had a very sexy Ben Shaw wanting to seduce me my knickers would hit the floor so fast he would not have time to blink. I wish sometimes she had given him a moment to explain or at least get more than a few words in - I like a little angst but I was more then a little frustrated at some parts.. 

This book is very hot and steamy and I do not advise reading it in public because you might find a little flush developing on your cheeks. 

The story does end in a Cliffhanger and I desperately need the second book right now, so Kendall if you are reading what does it take to bribe you to write faster?

4/5 stars

Whirlwind books This Or That

All these questions have been chosen by the readers of whirlwindbooks – thank you so much for taking the time to answer them :)
Girls, thanks for having me on today! These questions were waayyy too fun! But seriously…the one about front door or back door?! I have no words. ;)

Ice cream or Cake?
I’ll take the cake, just for the frosting.
Whips or Handcuffs?
Ouch! Neither…. I guess the handcuffs – on him!
Reading or Writing?
Ahh…you can’t make me choose. Fine. Reading.
Sweet or Sour?
Top or Bottom?
Top all the way, baby.
Snow or Sea?
Lean or Muscled men?
Mmm, lean I guess.
High Heels or Flats?
Front Or Back Door?
OMG. Front.
Cats or Dogs?
Lights on or Off?
On, the better to see you with my dear.
Batman or Superman?
Uh… I don’t know!
Boxers or Briefs?
Boxer briefs or commando.
Tattoo’s or Piercings?
Forks or Spoons?
Strange question….Fork?
Drummers or Guitars?
I refuse to date anymore musicians. Seriously. It’s a rule I gave myself.
Sausage or eggs?
Gross! I don’t like either. I’ll take some pancakes, fruit, and coffee.
Bath or Shower?
Ohhh… shower mostly but a nice hot bubble bath sounds nice today!
Outside or Inside?
Spanx or Spanking?
I don’t like spankings so I guess I’ll take the Spanx.
Slow or Fast?
Vampires or werewolves?


Kendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the contemporary romance novels HARD TO LOVE, UNRAVEL ME, MAKE ME YOURS, RESISTING HER and THE IMPACT OF YOU.  She's a sassy, yet polite Midwestern gal with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. Visit her at: for the latest books news.


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