Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Feature - Ashley Suzanne

What is your favourite Christmas Memory? – Making cookies with my mother and then teaching my kids to make them!
Best Gift you have received? – The first Christmas I was a mother ... WOW.
Best Gift you have given? – I ran my ass ragged to get my son an Xbox when they first came out.  The look on his face was priceless
Do you have any Christmas Horror Stories? – Have you ever tried to cook a meal for 19 people and only be 20 at the time in a 1 bedroom apartment.  Not a good idea LOL
Any Christmas traditions? – Every year the kids get to open one present on Xmas Eve.  They always expect it to be something good BUT it’s always pajamas!
Favourite Christmas movie? – A Christmas Story
Where is the Elf on a shelf? – What is an elf on a shelf?
Favourite Christmas food? – I’ll take sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles over EVERYTHING else!

This or That :
Angels or Elves? - Angels
Snow flurries or Ice storms? – Neither?
Egg Nog or Cocoa - cocoa
Fuzzy Socks or Slippers? – fuzzy socks
Naughty or Nice? – uhhhh naughty always naughty
White lights or Multi-coloured? – multi colored
Real or Fake? - fake
Garland or Tinsel? - garland
Hot or Cold? - HOT
Chocolate chip or Sugar? – SUGAR!!!
Star or Angel? – we have both!
Skis or Snowboard? – I’m fat and not athletic.  CHANNEL SURFING!
Peppermint or Rainbow? - rainbow

Curves or Straight? – again .. fat girl .. ALWAYS curves!!!

About the Author
Ashley Suzanne is a married mother of three little boys as well as a daughter, aunt, sister, best friend, birth mother, blogger, book whore and author.  Ashley is a native to the suburbs of Detroit, with most of her family living in Kentucky and New York.  
You can usually find Ashley sitting in bed, with her laptop, playing on Facebook, pretending to write, entering giveaways (she’s also a swag whore) or on a football field with her oldest son, Tyler.  Yep, not only is she a football fan, she’s a football mom!
When she’s reading, it’s typically something to do with romance, erotica being her favorite genre.  Ashley co-owns a blog, 2 Chicks and a Blog, with her GBFF Manda.  She’s a total fan-girl over a few authors, Pamela Ann, Brooke Cumberland, SE Hall, Madeline Sheehan, Jasinda Wilder, Angela Graham, CM Stunich and Riley Rhea to name a few.
Ashley has no pets, unless you count her children and she is a little OCD.  Her favorite color is pink.  Her favorite drink is cherry vodka and coke and double chocolate brownies are a must.
Ashley’s debut novel, Mirage, will be self published early September 2013.

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