Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Feature - S.L Jennings

We met Nikolai in The Dark Prince (Dark Light #2). Now learn his story... 

Two centuries ago, I clawed my way into a world of immorality, filth and destruction. A world seething with secrets and lies, both mortal and immortal. 

Complete and utter Darkness. 

I know we’re supposed to be inherently evil, but something inside me refuses to fully believe our legends. Something that calls out for more…calls out for her. 

But there are rules. Rules that control the balance of nature. And if broken, it could destroy everything I’ve ever known. It could destroy me. 

I am Nikolai Skotos, son of Stavros and Delia, and brother of Dorian, the heir of the Dark throne. I am one of the most powerful Dark forces to have ever walked this earth. 

And I once was lost. 
Now, I’m about to give it all up for the girl that found me. 

*Recommended for mature readers only due to scorching hot sex scenes, explicit violence & Niko's deliciously naughty potty mouth*

What is your favourite Christmas Memory?
The Christmas my now husband asked me to marry him, twelve years ago.
Best Gift you have received?
Our middle son, born Dec 29th.  He was stubborn & didn't want to come out! He was originally due the 17th.
Best Gift you have given?
According to my kids, every Christmas is "the best Christmas ever." I'll say last year, when we gave our boys their Kindle Fire HDs. They still love them.
Do you have any Christmas Horror Stories?
Fortunately, no. *knock on wood*
Any Christmas traditions?
We give pajamas on Christmas Eve so on Christmas morning, we all look cute in our new pjs.
Favourite Christmas movie?
Scrooged! But with my kids- Elf. 
Where is the Elf on a shelf?
Something super creepy that makes me glad my boys aren't into it. I think they're just as creeped out. Plus, I'd just be totally inappropriate with it.
Favourite Christmas food?
I love making a huge holiday feast. My favorite thing on the table is usually stuffing or sweet potatoes.

This or That :
Angels or Elves?
Snow flurries or Ice storms?
Snow flurries
Egg Nogg or Cocoa
Egg nog (spiked!)
Fuzzy Socks or Slippers?
Fuzzy socks
Naughty or Nice?
Naughty ;)
White lights or Multi-coloured?
Real or Fake?
Garland or Tinsel?
Hot or Cold?
Chocolate chip or Sugar?
Chocolate chip
Star or Angel?
Skies or Snowboard?
Peppermint or Rainbow?
Curves or Straight?

From Nikolai…

Tentatively, she reaches her hand towards me, her solemn gaze asking permission. I remain stock-still, holding my breath. Not because I have some weird phobia about touching - shit, physicality is all I know - but because it’s her touching me, her comforting me. Her showing me just a smidgen of affection. And right now, as her delicate hand rests on top of mine before sliding to my palm to interlace our fingers, I feel like she’s breaking me down, ripping me open. Taking every fucking defense I had and demolishing them with a sledgehammer. I’m the one helpless and weak spread out beneath her. I’m the one begging for her mercy, completely at her will.
Tiny golden sparks meld with blue, before dying into a simmer on our skin. It hurts. It’s sweet agony and torturous bliss. It’s everything I never knew I wanted.

Nikolai is book 2.5 of the Dark Light Series. In order to fully understand Niko's dark, sexy mind, you must read Dark Light and The Dark Prince FIRST! 

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