Saturday, December 07, 2013

Christmas Questions - E.M. Abel

Breaking Shaun, the second book in the Breaking Free series, is due to release in the spring of 2014. Following E.M. Abel's debut novel, Freeing Asia. 

What is your favourite Christmas Memory?  
I’ve been lucky enough to have many but I’d have to say my favorite memories of Christmas are when I was a child and it all seemed so magical and exciting. I miss those days.
Best Gift you have received?
My husband gave me a locket with a picture of my daughter inside of it on her first Christmas. I cried like a baby.  
Best Gift you have given?
My dad built a shadow box for my grandfather one year. My grandfather served in WWII and he was a very proud patriot. I remember helping my dad put it together and knowing how much it would mean to him. The moment I watched him open that gift will  be one I will always remember.
Do you have any Christmas Horror Stories?
No horror stories but a lot of funny moments. There’s never a dull moment with my family.
Any Christmas traditions?
My husband started a new tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve because he’s like a big kid and can’t wait until Christmas morning. lol
Favourite Christmas movie?
The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
Where is the Elf on a shelf?
At the store. That Elf creeps me out a little.
Favourite Christmas food?
Christmas cookies and egg nog (preferably spiked)
This or That :
Angels or Elves?
Snow flurries or Ice storms?
Snow flurries
Egg Nog or Cocoa
Oh! both!!... can I say both?
Fuzzy Socks or Slippers?
fuzzy socks
Naughty or Nice?
NAUGHTY for sure
White lights or Multi-coloured?
Real or Fake?
Garland or Tinsel?
Hot or Cold?
Chocolate chip or Sugar?
Star or Angel?
Skis or Snowboard?
Peppermint or Rainbow?
Curves or Straight?
Umm curves? I have no idea what this is. LOL

E.M. Abel grew up a military brat, is now a military wife and mother of two young children. When she isn't writing she's goofing off with her husband and kids. She loves art and doing anything creative, whether it's listening to music, taking pictures, painting or coming up with her next tattoo. 
  Inspired by writers like Kristen Ashley, E.M. enjoys writing stories that feel real to her readers and characters that are easily relatable. 

Freeing Asia is currently available on and for more information on her books follow her
Chapter one and a free bonus chapter are also available on

I'm pretty flexible on the time slot for this since Breaking Shaun isn't due to release until the spring. So feel free to post it whenever it's most convenient to you. Thank you so much for including me! Please feel free to include anything else you think I may have forgotten or missed. :) 

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