Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Review - Second Chance at Love. (V)

Review—Second Chance at Love by Tara Paradise

“She looked into his eyes, searching for something, anything, that would make this better. But there was nothing. Nothing he could say or do would ever make this better. It would never change the fact that he’d slept with someone else.”

Brooke Cates has spent the last eight years avoiding her past, or more importantly, Logan MacKenna. After a bad break up and many months of trying to heal, Brooke finally found her solace in a small beach house, her career as a doctor, and California…far away from the heartache she left behind. Never did she imagine what it would take to bring her home again…and back into the arms of the one man she never thought she would have to see again.

“I do love you, Brooke. And you are the only woman I want. I’ve loved you since I could spell my own name. Practically my entire life. There’s nothing in this world I want more than to be with you. To marry you and make babies with you. To share all of those things we’ve dreamed of. We can still have that, Brooke.”

Too much time has passed, hearts were broken, secrets were kept, lives shattered and put back together. Can they really risk opening old wounds in order to start fresh again? When two people are meant to be together, somehow, someway, it will happen…even if neither one is willing.

“Logan MacKenna had been her first lover. He had also been the first boy, and then the first man, she had ever loved. And to this day, despite all the years that had passed, he was the only man she had ever loved. He had made it impossible for her to love, and to trust, another man. She despised him for that.”

Only time will tell…and a little push from the ones you love doesn’t hurt either.

“He thought about all the years they’d spent apart, and how being without her had left a horrible void in his heart. He hadn’t known how he would go on after losing her. She was his everything. And when she left, he was left with nothing, only an empty shell. He didn’t think he could handle her walking away from him a second time. He knew he couldn’t.”

First I have to say, kudos to Tara for a very well written and edited book! Even though Second Chance at Love is told completely in the third person (which is weird for me, because I find it harder to connect to any one character), it was very good.

The story that unfolds with the Cates & MacKenna families has awesome series written ALL over it! I very much enjoyed the little insights into her sub-characters’ lives, and how they all intertwined with Brooke and Logan. I found it to be a slow start but there is always one line that just pulls you in, piques the interest…I’m not telling you what mine is, but yes, I had one…okay, two.

Through it all, this is definitely a love story. One that started early, ended in heartache, only to be realized later that it was truly meant to be. While some parts were predictable, there was definitely a little twist that I just had to know about. I look forward to more from Tara Paradise and absolutely hope that I hear more about the infamous MacKenna boys!

**4 Did You Say?? Stars**

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