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Tainted - Book Tour (V)

Book description
Part One: Facing My Demons
Drake lost everything the day Chloe walked away from him. Feeling angry and hurt by her abandonment, he dives deeper into his cocaine use. Each day becomes a struggle for him. After his band is picked up by a recording studio in Los Angeles, things go from bad to worse. What happens to a man who has lost everything he ever truly cared about?
Part Two: Learning to Love Again
When Drake showed up on Chloe’s doorstep, begging for forgiveness, she couldn’t turn him away. To Chloe, loving Drake is like breathing and she couldn’t bring herself to let him go again.
But what happens next? Follow Chloe and Drake as they learn to forgive and heal together.
Will Drake’s fame get in the way of their happily ever after? Or is love enough to keep them together?
The epic conclusion to Drake and Chloe’s story.
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Review—Tainted by K.A. Robinson

“Chloe, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean for it to happen.” “That’s a lie.  If you didn’t want it to happen, you wouldn’t have started using to begin with.  You’ve gone years without using.  I thought you were done with this shit.”

Losing the one person you thought would always be there is a tough pill to swallow…or line to snort as the case may be.  Drake has spiraled out of control, despite his constant reassurance to his bandmates and Chloe.  When she finally catches him more or less red handed, it pushes her past the edge, and with her past, there is no way Chloe can watch another person she loves hit rock bottom. 

“Knowing that I’d lost Chloe sent me spiraling further and further into the darkness now consuming me.”
“It wasn’t fair.  No matter where I was or what I was doing, she was always there.  Every single thing I saw reminded me of her.”
“Maybe if she’d stuck by me, I’d be clean by now.  Yeah, I knew I would be.  It was all her fault that I was still trapped in this hell.  If she’d really cared, she would have stayed to make sure I was okay.  Instead, she’d left me behind without a second thought.  She didn’t care about me.  The only person she cared about was herself.”

Drake has to find a way to pull himself up because everyone he cares about it done, and now it’s affecting his career, not to mention his bandmates.  There is more than just him to think about…which is probably the hardest thing for an addict to admit.  It’s not just about Drake.  Time to get with the program; especially if he has any hope of continuing to not only do what he loves but to get back the one person he loves most.

“My heart stopped.  So, he had overdosed after all.  All of those nights I’d spent awake, worrying about whether or not he was okay, were justified.  He’s almost died.  I’d almost lost the only person I ever loved, my soul mate.”

Chloe’s need for self-preservation kicks in full throttle when she finds out Drake is using and she does the only thing she can do in order to save herself and possibly even him.  She leaves.  And every day she struggles with the worry and stress of that loss…but never did she imagine that it could all end. 
When the reality of the situation hits both Drake and Chloe, the only thing they can do is hold on to one another.  After all, they are the other half to each other, soul mates. 

“I tried to live life and forget about you, but I couldn’t.  I looked for you in every face that passed by me.  I was like an addict, too, and you were my drug.” He smiled. “I’m okay with you being addicted to me.” “I’m sure you are. I just…I don’t know where to go from here.  How do we heal?” “Together.  We heal together.  The rest will fall into place.”

And so they lived happily ever after….
As happy as two very dysfunctional people can anyway.  They are happy.  And this was a great ending to their story.  I enjoyed every page and was happy to feel like I got both sides with Drake’s POV during the time he and Chloe were apart.  K.A. has a knack for pulling you into the story and holding you hostage with her words.  I look forward to more in the Torn Series.

**4 Tainted Stars**
Author Bio:
K.A. Robinson is the New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author of The Torn Series and Shattered Ties. She lives in West Virginia with her husband and toddler son. When she isn't writing, she loves to read dystopian, zombie, and New Adult books. She has an addiction to Caribou and Starbucks coffee.
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