Friday, March 14, 2014

Uncovering You - Book Tour (V)

510-uncovering-you-1When I wake up in a dark, unfamiliar room, I have no idea what's waiting for me in the shadows. My imagination conjures up demons of the worst kind.

Reality is much worse:
A collar with no leash. A prison with no walls. And a life stripped of meaning.

I am presented with a vile contract and asked to sign. It outlines the terms of my servitude. The only information I have about my captor are the two small letters inked at the bottom: J.S.

Armed with only my memories, I must do everything I can to avoid becoming ensnared in his twisted mind games. But in the end, it all comes down to one choice:
Resist and die.
Or submit, and sign my life away.

Review—Uncovering You by Scarlett Edwards

Starting this book, I thought it would be another version of the well-known Fifty Shades of Grey…man & woman meet, he wants her, she’s unsure, the contract…you know how it goes.  Well, let me set the record straight right now—this is NOT Fifty Shades of Grey or anything close to it!

Yes, there is a contract.  Yes, it is obvious J.S. wants Lilly.  How he goes about getting her, that’s the kicker.

This book, albeit short in comparison to others I have read, was fantastic.  I honestly did not want it to end.  The way the author pulls you from past to present, along with her beautifully haunting descriptions of the characters is pure magic within one-hundred-twenty-odd pages. 

There is no cliffhanger…well, not really.  I did get an entire storyline, problem is—I want more!  April cannot come soon enough, I look forward to seeing what is in store for Lilly and Mr. J.S…. *wink*

**5 Will-Breaking Stars**

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I live near beautiful Seattle, Washington. I grew up reading all types of fantasy books before discovering the wonderful world of romances in high school. Now, I spend most of my time writing about sexy men and the women who love them.

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