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Review - Cursed

Cursed Cover
By David Michael
Book Two of The United Series

Review—Cursed by David Michael

For starters, I had the honor of beta reading this gem.  David has thoroughly sucked me in to The United Series…especially after this book!  Cursed was a fabulous read.  The character development and flow of the storyline had me hooked from start to finish, it had me wondering if the outcome would be favorable or flat out upsetting.  I can’t tell you how the ruling went as that would ruin the story but it was surely worth the read.

Starting with a common car thief/gang member in the lovely city of Los Angeles California…Luke.  Luke wants out of the game and make a go of being on his own without the “backup” of Los Hermanos, the toughest gang running the streets.  Unfortunately for Luke, gang life is just that…life. 

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, with the help of his estranged foster sister, a weird hippy, and the powers that be, Luke finds himself fighting for not just his life anymore…but something SO much bigger.  Coming into a gift that was never expected and not sure which side to choose, Luke only has a select amount of time before someone else makes that decision for him. 

In the end, it’s all about good versus evil anyway…which side will Luke choose in order to not tip the scales of power?

I bet you had no idea that this story took a crazy turn?  Well, when you read each line on each page and the hair on your arms raise, or you suddenly chill with goosebumps, you’ll get it.  I cannot wait for my next “hair raising” experience in a world where epic battles take place, where love comes in all varieties, and where you don’t know until the very last chapter which way each person decides to sway. It makes for more than just a story; this book and series is definitely one that makes you think…and think…and think.  My favorite.

**4 Fine Line Between Good & Evil Stars**

Cursed Synopsis

In an effort to escape a lifetime of bad luck and worse decisions, Luke decided to take a giant risk and leave Los Hermanos in his past where they belonged. Unfortunately, Los Hermanos took the saying "blood in, blood out" VERY seriously. When his long lost foster sister and her new boyfriend show up at his hospital bed willing to commit felonies in an effort to commit felonies in an effort to get him out of his guarded hospital room, he suddenly finds himself burdened with the fact that his actions had now brought innocent people into a firefight that he had tried to avoid all together. As he struggles to push the only family he has left to a safe distance, a heavy sense of dread settles in around him and every instinct he has tells him that something far worse than Los Hermanos is coming. Pushing them away and sacrificing himself seems to be his only option, but Sarah and Makkar have other plans. For better or worse, they intend on being there to the very end. The very. Bitter. End.
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By David Michael
Book One of The United Series
Blessed Synopsis
Her twenty-first birthday was supposed to be the beginning of a new chapter. She had been preparing herself for the moment she would be a real adult for months.
There was no way she could have prepared herself for what happened instead.
As her nightmares became more real with each night and her behavior became less like her own, Ardra fought to stay on the path she had so painstakingly planned for herself with very little success.
When she becomes the owner of a creepily-human dog named Kaiser, she finds herself oddly at peace with the unexpected addition to her household and clings tightly to him when tragedy strikes and shatters her world.
As she fights to put the pieces back together without losing herself in the Darkness that is building inside of her with each terrible step off of her path, a rag-tag band of supporters rally behind her. Each one of them prepared to go to the ends of the earth and back.
She must find a way to defeat the Chaos that has consumed her life or risk losing everyone and everything that she has left. Including her soul.
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Author Bio
David Michael, author of The United Series, is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady, a hater of snow, a lover of Star Trek and has an addiction to coffee that is excessive even for an author.
He lives in Salt Lake City where he is currently majoring in Psychology, working a "big boy" job, and writing full time. He shares a living space with his best friend, idolizes his mother, and has a strange knack for making friends with people on the other side of the planet instead of his own back yard.
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