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Shooting Star by Arianne Richmonde -- Release Day Event! ~V~

Release Day Event


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 Shooting Star Author: Arianne Richmonde Genre: New Adult (Novella) Release Date: July 10,2014 Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions
Meet two dysfunctional products of Hollywood. Star Davis and Jake Wild: they’ve met their match. 19-year-old, Oscar winning Star Davis is an A-list movie star. Hell-raisingly beautiful, she tosses men aside like used Kleenex. She commands 20 million per movie—or at least did until drugs, alcohol, wild partying, and a police arrest sent her kicking and screaming into rehab. Now she’s out, squeaky clean, and determined to win the role she was born to play: the lead in Skye’s The Limit—ready to re-conquer Hollywood. 26-year-old British director Jake Wild lives up to his name: he’s the wildest player in town. He’s also Hollywood royalty. From a family dynasty of powerful directors and producers, Jake’s home is a movie set. With reams of hot starlets at his beck and call, Jake can get any woman he wants. But with his new movie, Skye’s The Limit in pre-production, he’s decided it’s time to get serious and change his philandering ways. Star is “liability on legs” and Jake doesn’t want her near his precious movie. But Star has wily ways of getting what she wants. And apart from the role of Skye, what she wants is Jake right where he belongs: Under her thumb. Lights, camera, action . . . But the action is not what Jake expected.

 New Adult Contemporary romance 17+ 

Star Davis.  Beautiful, talented, and just out of rehab.  She’s been given a second (or third, depending on how you look at it) chance at catapulting her career by being the new lead in an upcoming movie.  Problem is, the director wants nothing to do with her…and that’s a problem because all of her old tricks at getting what she wants won’t work on Jake Wild.

“And although I wasn’t aware of it then, I was as vulnerable as Marilyn when I walked out of that clinic and stepped—in my Choos—into a velvet-carpeted limo, purring like a welcoming pussycat, waiting to take me away from the ugly world of imperfection, back to my cocoon of beautiful chaos, that shone brilliantly on the outside—like a floating bubble that mirrored a cerulean-blue sky and the sun which glittered its golden rays—blinding all my fans.  That wonderful, hopeful May afternoon, I knew I was back.  Back to conquer Hollywood.”

Jake Wild has issues of his own…and now the little sex-kitten has trampled into his life (and his home, thanks to the “big bosses”) so he can essentially be her guardian while they are filming.  Temptation runs high but Jake is determined to be different, even if he has to be the complete prick that he is in order to do so.  Bottom line, Star is not who he wanted for the “role of a lifetime”…but she just might be the girl in his life.

“Often I wondered what it was, exactly, that gave me my high.  I think it was the intensity.  The adrenaline of the chase.  And the thrill of having someone so into me.”
“Being an addict is expensive.  You’re ruled by a more powerful force and you’re out of control.  You convince yourself you’re calling the shots but no…”

So, both have addictions to overcome…she needs to stay sober and he needs to keep it in his pants.  Sounds like a perfect recipe to me.  One full of promised lust and angst.  Star has decided that Jake will be her newest conquest—working every angle to get him to notice her. 
Jake is doing everything in his power to resist the constant temptation of a young starlet who uses sex to get what she wants...or does she?

“If you want me Jake—I mean really want me?  You’re going to have to work a lot harder and prove to me you’re worthy, which I very much doubt you are, by the way.”…”My name is Star, after all.  And I live up to my name.”… “I winked at her. ‘Keep it safe from me because I’m way too bad for you.  My name is Wild.  And I live up to my name.”

Seriously?!?!  I need the next book, like YESTERDAY!  Yet another page-turner for Richmonde, I cannot wait to see where this story heads next!  Jake & Star are perfect opposites who although have different issues, are the same.  I love their dynamic and chemistry.  This is one of those serials that will keep me guessing…and that last little wrench, loved it!  Now just to see what’s the truth…

**4.5 Promising Start Stars**

Meet the Author

Arianne Richmonde is the USA TODAY bestselling author of The Pearl Series: Shades of Pearl, Shadows of Pearl, Shimmers of Pearl, Pearl, and Belle Pearl. Also the USA TODAY Bestseller, Stolen Grace, a suspense novel. When she isn't writing you can find her hanging out with her husband and family of furry animals in the French countryside. Arianne loves hearing from readers and is thrilled to bring you her latest three-part novella series, Shooting Star, Falling Star, and Shining Star which will be released at 20 day intervals throughout the summer - perfect for the beach!


 JAKE: “YOUR”E NOT SERIOUS?” I asked, my jaw on the floor. “You’re joking?” Brian carried on calmly chewing gum, the cloying aroma of Juicy Fruit wafting about his Porsche like air freshener. He sank deeper into his seat, his large body oozing with self-satisfied confidence, or what I suspected to be a little fart—although it could have been the new leather of the seat squeaking. “Jake,” he said, “you’ll thank me for this later.” “They won’t be a ‘later,’ ” I shot back, my voice rising. “Because there’s no fucking way I’m having that . . . that . . . liability on legs in my movie!” “She’s fresh out of rehab. She’s turned the page.” “Yeah, for how long? Twenty-four hours? My leading lady needs to give the performance of a lifetime in Skye’s The Limit, not be snorting charlie in her dressing room. This is not some brainless blockbuster, Brian, this is art!” “There’s nothing more artistic than the creation of money, Jake. She’s box office. Now, more than ever. You know how much airtime she gets? How many times a day she graces the news, or her photo’s in some magazine?” “Yeah, but for all the wrong reasons. My answer is no. Enne. Oh. No.” Brian picked the gum out from his rubbery lips his and stuck it in a Kleenex. He smirked and said nothing. Then crunched the tissue in his fist like a boxer preparing for a punch. His jaw tightened. Little veins popped in his forehead like blue tributaries of a river. “You’ll work with her,” he said solemnly, the smirk now edging into a Robert de Niro sneer; the sneer Bob’s bad characters don when they’re about to do something crazy. “Why? Why are you so obsessed with putting her in my film? There are other A-list actresses who would kill for the role of Skye. Why Star fucking Davis?” “She’s hot. She’s beautiful.” “She’ll come to the set drunk, high on pills, her entourage trailing behind her like slimy snails leaving behind a residue of—” “It’s done,” Brian said, cutting me off. “She’s signed. We’ve signed."

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