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Book: Vipers Den
Author: Eliza Brown
Genre: Contemporary Romance Novella
1st in a series of Novella’s



I’m Piper Jones, owner and operator or Vipers’ Den; a hair and beauty salon catering to the unconventional. My clients are often referred to as: eccentric, freaks, or misfits.
I’m also single, a fact my mother is less than pleased with. Making it her mission to change my status, she continually sets me up on dates with her friend’s offspring. Only her roster of “gems” is dwindling. Each date is worse than the last. Then Kade Benson, the one man I have loathed for as long as I can remember, approached me with the most asinine (borderline genius) plan I’d ever heard to rectify both of our situations. As ludicrous as it is, it might just work. However, I never expected things to work out the way they did.

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“If this is going to work, Piper, it’s going to take more than words.  There will have to be action.  I’m talking major PDA.”

Faking a relationship is one thing.  Faking it with your brother’s best friend, and someone you despise…completely different. 

Piper and Kade are doing just that.  Problem is, Piper is going the mutual hate they have for one another, while Kade is finally landing the girl of his dreams…even if it’s just to get a crazy-stalker-ex-girlfriend off his back.

“This was going to be weird for both of us.  Probably more so for her than me since she genuinely thought she hated me.  Me on the other hand – I had accepted my attraction to her long ago.  But I also accepted that she was my best friend’s sister and it would never happen.  Not that it was happening now.  It was fake.  We were just faking it.”

Until they weren’t.

Somewhere along the line, locked away feelings surface and realization dawns that this could be something real…and amazing.

Piper just had to convince herself that it was a charade…one that would be over as soon as the crazy was out of the picture.  So what that her feelings were starting to get involved.  That was an entire different problem she had no interest in visiting.

But there was that one night…

This little book was surprisingly refreshing.  It was a perfect length, it didn’t drag, it had a great ending…and yet, I didn’t want it to end.  I think I could’ve read so much more about Piper and Kade.  Not to mention her crazy staff at Viper’s Den, her hot brother, even a little more backstory on their upbringing…not to say that what I got wasn’t truly awesome because it was.  I just enjoyed it so much that I would have loved it, even if there was “fluff”.  I cannot wait for the next installment and I truly hope that as with all serials; this one has many volumes because I have many questions!  Excellent, quick, sexy read!  Enjoy it, I certainly did!

**5 Sexy Serial Stars**


Author Bio

Eliza Brown is a simple little housewife from Cairns, Australia, with a wicked good imagination. She is the mother to three crazily cute kids and the wife of a Sexy Arse Tree Lopper. She is also baby sister to a Certified Nutbag, a Linesman and a Fireman.
Eliza spends her days running around after her kids and jotting down stories that come to her at inconvenient moments in her leather, flower embossed notebook. (She is very particular about her stationary.) Or in her iPhone or iPad or whatever she can get her hands on. (Damn kids keep running off with her stationary.)
When the kids are napping nine times out of ten, you will find Eliza sitting at her computer typing as fast as she can while she can. Generally with her phone wedged between her shoulder and ear bouncing ideas off her sister.

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