Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blogger Review -- Trouble Brewing


Calypso Shakespeare knows what the future has in store for her, and not just because she's psychic.
The "gifted" Shakespeare women have always had their one true love ... Problem is, Calypso’s came and went and didn’t work out too well.

She doesn't need a crystal ball to see that she'll never love again. And even her magical cocktails aren't up to the ask of healing her bruised heart. So instead she wanders the world brewing in pubs and bars in the hope that she'll help other people find love.

That's the plan anyway. That is until Taran Dee shows up and Calypso finds she has real trouble brewing …


“Anyone who says alcohol never solves anything has never been here before.”

This was one of those books that gently sweeps in with an air of mystery, fantasy, and subtle witchcraft. I fell in love with Calypso, Megan, Nell and Batty. The Shakespeare women each are their own but similar (even Megan, the ‘adopted’ one). The modern feel mixed with ancient mystical elements felt much like reading a novel by Janet Evanovich, and the humor laced throughout had me laughing out loud.

“Love, the force all threads emerge from. The point all threads return to.”

What got me the most? The connections; the undeniable chemistry within the relationships. The revelations; both good and bad. It felt like watching a movie and live play all at once. I want to know these people, experience their magic, and bask in their attention and affections. If I didn’t know that Taran and Finn were American, this would’ve been five stars.  They spoke English, but not American English…I loved it just the same, though.

**4 Crafting Love, Brewing Trouble, Stars**

*Thank you to the author/publisher and Net Galley for this title in exchange for an honest review.*

About the Author

I write romantic comedies, with a dash of magic and a huge helping of fabulous international settings. 


They are all published by Momentum Books (Pan Macmillan Australia). All the books connect, but can be read in any order, as each stands alone.

I'm also the director of ITCHEE FEET, a children's travel publisher. I'm an avid traveler. For years I wandered the world and wrote. I have over twenty children’s picture books published in Asia, and have written travel articles for many publications worldwide. I've lived in Tokyo, London, Vienna, New York and various parts of Australia. I even transformed my itchy feet into ITCHEE FEET. Check our books out on www.itcheefeet.com

So now I'm juggling both romance and travel, and will be combining both in a great new series as well. Stay tuned. And please stay in touch. 


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