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Release Blitz -- All or Nothing

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He ruined me.
Even though I knew he was playing games, I couldn't resist him. He was under my skin, in my blood, and deep in my bones.
He saved me.
My life was a lie and I had no idea. He forced me to see the truth. Although it hurt, he healed me.
Because of him, I was strong enough to survive.

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Review—All or Nothing by C.C. Wood

“His arm wrapped around my waist, anchoring me close to him, and I lost all will to argue. It felt so good to be held that I no longer gave a dame who was doing it. I just needed the comfort.”

It’s amazing how you can picture a story going one direction and you’re taken on a completely different ride with something altogether not what was expected. That is what All or Nothing was for me. When I started reading I was pulled in by the forbidden attraction, the disgust of being openly propositioned while attached to someone else. I was convinced the good guy would get the girl…

And I guess he did. Only he wasn’t the good guy I thought he was…nor was the bad guy for that matter. I missed sleep over this story, and the torture of my stomach twisting in knots over what was, is, and will be, made each page deliciously enticing to keep going.

These pages are full of deception, envy, lust, and pure animalistic passion. Forget love, for some reason King and Jena’s story transcends that emotion all together…at least for me. She’s sassy, smart, and opinionated. He’s brooding, mysterious, and 100% alpha. He makes no apologies (except one) and takes no prisoners. She takes no crap (except his—sort of) and holds nothing back. When they collide, it’s explosive…and when push comes to shove, there are no greater feats than keeping the other safe.

So, when Jena realizes her life has been orchestrated and manipulated by people she trusted, things no longer look black and white. The man she thought was her forever is replaced by a man she never saw coming; yet can’t seem to let go of, no matter the cost.

“When he smiled down at me, I felt as though a band was wrapped around my chest, squeezing tight. I suddenly realized I was making a colossal mistake. I was falling in love with King, which could only end in one way. My heartbreak.”

**4.5 Rollercoaster Stars**

All or Nothing Teaser #3


Without another word to me, he picked up the handset again and clicked it. "Jack, after you take out the trash, there're two women at table fifteen. Tell them that King will be taking Jena home and that their tab is on the house." "No problem, boss." King's eyes never left my face during this exchange. When he was done, he dropped the radio on the desk again. "Now, you're girls are taken care of and you and I need to have a chat." I straightened my shoulders. "Like I said, King, I appreciate your help but I'm leaving." "Sit. Your. Ass. Down. Jena," he barked. "Fuck you, King!" I shouted. Suddenly he was right in front of me, no, practically on top of me, his left arm wrapping around me and pulling me tightly against his body. His right hand twisted in my hair, yanking my head back so hard it almost hurt. I didn't understand why, but I felt that tugging somewhere else on my body. Somewhere much lower. "Don't say it unless you mean it, darlin'," he snarled. Then he kissed me.

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About the author

CC Wood is a native Texan that grew up either reading or playing the piano. Years later, she’s still not grown up and doing the same things. Since the voices in her head never shut up, C.C. decided to share their crazy stories and started writing books.
Now that she has a baby girl at home, C.C.’s non-writing time is usually spent cleaning up poopy diapers or feeding the poop machine. Sometimes she teaches piano, cooks, or spends time bugging her hubby and two beagles. Follow CC on Facebook and Goodreads. She also has a website that offers special content and updates.

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