Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Blog Tour -- Halo

Title: Halo
Author: RC Stephens
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Release Date: November 1, 2016

I fell in love with Thomas Wells and knew he was my forever.
I was sixteen when I gave him my heart. 
Our love was the kind to last a lifetime. 
But Thomas was broken. 
The first day we met he told me he was going to become a Navy SEAL. 
At nineteen he enlisted. 
At twenty he married me.
At twenty five he left me pregnant and didn't turn back.
I knew he was suffering…. 
I also knew I couldn't save him.
He left me broken.
I was scared and alone. 
Until I met Ryder St. John a wounded soldier… 
He was lost. 
I was lost. 
Together we made sense. 
I fell in love again… 
What Ryder forgot to mention was that he held a secret so explosive that it could shatter both our worlds.

"I met Thomas when I was fifteen. Since then, he's been my whole world. Now that he isn't here, I'm a broken mess, scared of raising this baby on my own." 

Life has a way of surprising you, of putting you on a path you're meant to follow whether you want to or not. Same goes with people in your life. They are given and taken away for reasons not always known to us...but sometimes, sometimes the one you're meant to be with isn't ready. For whatever reason, they just can't stay. It's in those times we learn about ourselves. And we learn that what's meant to be will always find a way.

"'Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.'" 

So, what does it feel like to lose the love of your life, your soulmate? 
I can't answer that. But in reading this story, I felt like I had...like my heart was ripped from my chest and left bleeding for a love that should've lasted forever.

But, maybe that's just what needed to happen. Maybe loss on a level so deep caused the mind to lose control and sight of what really mattered at home...maybe it took losing the light in order to learn how to walk in the dark.

This story was a sweet, yet sad one. I felt that there was a lot of "tell" throughout instead of "show" which is why I couldn't rate it higher, but I loved the story line. I liked the characters, and I related to the struggles. I felt it was light enough, even with some of the heavy content that I'm not hung over...yet, it's not unforgettable either. I finished the last page with a smile and that's enough.

**3.5 Find Light in the Dark, Stars**

R.C. Stephens was born in Toronto, Canada. She graduated from York University with a Master's Degree in Political Science.
Her debut Novel Bitter Sweet Love is book one of the Twisted Series. Followed by Twisted Love to be released May 31st 2015. 
R.C. is an avid reader, so when she isn't cooking for her clan or on her laptop writing, she's snuggled tight with her Kindle devouring any romance novel she can. Okay, with the exception of Thursday nights. She makes time for Scandal and Vampire Diaries. She's a fan of drama and suspense but she's also a sucker for a happy ending.
Her husband was her first teenage love. They live together with their three children in Toronto. Loving Canadian winters she could never think of living anywhere else.


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