Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Release Blitz + Review -- Domo Arigato, Mr. Toronto

Just when environmental scientist Dr. Emery Bradford’s globe-trotting days seem to be winding down, she heads to Canada to help a sexy, bearded park warden, Julian Michael Jensen, investigate the unnatural wildlife and their deaths in the Algonquin Provincial Park.

The moment Julian and Emery meet, heated fireworks ignite, and keeping on task proves to be challenging as they battle their desire for one another. However, they have an important job to do that requires discretion and focus because what’s hidden in the forest threatens not only the wildlife, but possibly also their very survival, but new obstacles start to present themselves behind every rock and tree.

Can they hold on to their intensely growing attraction for each other while attempting to save Algonquin Provincial Park? Or will running for their lives destroy everything they are fighting for?


"There's not going back from this," I warned her. "Even if there were, I wouldn't want to," she replied, easing something that had panicked inside me." 

Having just come back from Canada (on vacation, such luck!), this read was absolutely perfect! I found it engaging in a way that made me further appreciate nature and the love of country. The bonus of a heroine scientist who is no frills and all sorts of awesome doesn't hurt either. Or....the super-hot-tattoo-covered conservationist hermit that lives in backwoods Canada. 

Yes, there are many little details of this story that make it complex enough to keep me engaged, yet not too much that I'm slow blinking at the words trying to explain the science behind the story. (Yes, I've read books like that--dreadful.)

I fell in love with the spunk of the main characters, their easy yet tight personalities (definitely alphas), the love of a great support cast and reading about a fictional character whom I have the privilege of knowing the muse. 

I don't want to talk too much about the story itself because it's release day and really, you should read it. But also, this is one of Jean's shorter stories so if I say too much, I give it all away...so know this: you won't regret picking up Domo Arigato, Mr. Toronto and reading it in one sitting. You will get everything you desire from a contemporary romance with a twist of humor and when the story concludes, you will give that wistful sigh of contentment over a job well done.

Well written, well developed, well played. I love Mr. Toronto...and Nate.

**5 Find Me Where the Wild Things Are, Stars**


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