Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Release Blitz + Review -- The Broken Puppet

Title: The Broken Puppet
Series: The Elite Kings Club #2
Author: Amo Jones
Genre: Dark Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 18, 2017


“I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.”

The Silver Swan

1. A girl who is tarnished. Tainted. One who does not fit into the confinement of legend.

The Silver Swan

2. Madison Montgomery.

I was lied to.
I was cheated.
Resigning to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts, I left. After finally cutting the strings of manipulation, I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child, something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle.
I’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knew.
Lies and deceit change you. They alter your entire outlook on life.
I’m Madison Montgomery, and I want to play a game.
Here’s what happens when I win.

Riddle me this, Mads.
What goes bump in the night,
but is something you can’t see with sight?
You may run, and you may hide.
Our happily ever after will be like Bonnie & Clyde.

"They used me as their puppet. Now I'm broken ." 

The days have seemed to blur together because this story is one I cannot get off my mind. Talk about a book's glorious! And yet, once again I am left wanting needing more. I am fully invested here and cannot shake the feeling that things will only get worse as the series continues. 

But what if it gets better? What if the good triumphs? Or what if Jones has led me on this amazing journey only to rip my tender heart to shreds with something catastrophic? With the way things are playing out...I'm betting on the latter.

Madison intrigues me. She's pretty amazing. And strong. But at the same time, she's soft. She feels more than she should and definitely more than she needs to. She carries a burden, a weight that leaves her questioning the things happening to her and breaking the barriers of her mind. 

Is she going crazy? No. Just simply putting the pieces together...and paying a price for each bit of information she learns. It's sick. It's twisted. It's absolutely amazing in a sense that in the last two days, I've become so invested in this series I cannot stop thinking about it long enough to string a decent review together.

"Because being broken is how you're going to survive this life, Madison." 

But Madison Montgomery is far from broken...she just hasn't realized the power she holds yet. I cannot wait to see how things unfold in the next book.

Until then, read this. After you've read The Silver Swan of need to know. You NEED to be in the know. And you need to commiserate with me until we find out what happens next.

**5 Fixing Her Isn't An Option, Stars**

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Author Bio

Amo is a full-time writer from New Zealand who loves long romantic walks to the wine cellar. 

She loves to write like how she lives, hanging on the edge of insanity with a wine glass in one hand and her morals-or lack thereof- in the other.

Those are not my monkeys, I swear....
Oh, those hellhounds? Yeah, those are mine.

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