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If you would like to request a review please send me the following information:
  • When sending a request for a review please put in as much detail as possible, e.g. Book cover, how long the book is, genre, Three words you would use to describe it and blurb so I can see if it is the kind of book that would interest me.
  • Please state where you would like the review published, I automatically publish to Goodreads, Facebook and Amazon (UK and US)
  • The kind of book's I am interested in reading are; Romance, YA, NA, Paranormal Romance, Erotic books (think 50 shades), sci-fi romance . . . Basically I am a romance girl.
  • What formats do I take : I have a kindle so Mobi formats please, although your book will be put to the top of my review list should you send me a hard copy this will always take preference.
  •  What about a bad review? I do not like giving bad reviews so I will either try and find another blogger to review the book for you or speak to you in private about what I thought.
  • How Long will the review take? If the book has not been released I will try and finish it by the release date providing you give me at least a week to read and review the book. Other wise a review may take anywhere from 1 month to 3.
  • What information do I include in a review? From now on I will be including the cover art, a link to goodreads and amazon (any where else if requested), Link to Authors Facebook, a rating, quotes, Summary either re worded by me or taken off goodreads, the number of pages, If there are any other books in the series. If you require anything else you will have to let me know.

Please send all requests for Cover reveals, Sales announcements, Spotlights or Review Requests to -

I will also do events such as Guest Bloggers, Interviews, Fun post and Competitions.
If you are an author and would like to take part in any if these then please send me an email and we can organize something, I am always open to suggestions.

All of my Reviews will be rated between 1-5 I understand everyone has their different opinions so I thought I would share what I will be basing this rating on: -

5. Amazing, there is nothing I can fault and I would read this book again.

4. I really enjoyed this book, there was just something that was missing for me.

3. This book was okay, but I wouldn't read it again.

2. I finished this book only because I wanted to see if it would get better.

1. I couldn't finish this book.

(6. I know i said between 1-5 but there will be a once in a blue moon book that is so good is deserves to be in a category all of it's own.)

Experience & Credentials

I am a twice published author with Hot Tree Publishing, I work behind the scenes with authors to help promote their books. I have worked on this blog for three years, with the help of the creator, Fern Curry. 

In addition to the above, I read daily. Sometimes more than one book at a time, and my reviews are fair, spoiler-free, and honest. 

I have beta-read, edited, brainstormed, and ghost-written multiple stories since I've entered into the blogger/book world and have loved every sleepless minute.

Outside of literature, I am a fitness professional and personal trainer. 

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