Lynda LeeAnne - Author of Lexi Baby

I have recently self-published my first book, Lexi, Baby, and along the way, I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet other self-published authors, book reviewers, book bloggers and friends; one of whom I consider Fern Curry. 

Shortly after my book was published, without knowing me at all, Fern took the initiative to contact me with ideas to help advertise and grow a fan base for my book. Being new to the publishing world, I admit I was scared at first so I did some research. I looked up Fern’s website, WhirlWindBooks, which I loved. I checked out her other book reviews, and ultimately decided to take a chance. It was the best thing I could have done early on in my career. Fern held a huge giveaway through her website and Facebook page to push my book. It went off without a hitch and helped my own Facebook page gain a large number of new followers. I have seen her do this to help other self-published authors numerous times over. 

So, in an effort to keep this short and sweet, I will tell you that Fern and I have remained friends and I am an avid follower of her website and Facebook page. I look forward to seeing her posts, book reviews and recommendations. I respect the work Fern does very much. She is extremely friendly, supportive, and motivated. She is dedicated and I can easily say from personal experience in the bookie world, that she is a very hard worker. I highly recommend Fern for the job. 

LB Simmons - Running on Empty

I would like to take a moment to recognize Fern Curry and her blog Whirlwind books for the exceptional promotion of my debut novel, Running on Empty. She not only read and reviewed the book beautifully, allowing me access to a greater fan base, but also spotlighted my book with giveaways to get me even more exposure. I have no doubt in my mind that her promotion greatly contributed to its success. I can’t wait to work with her again upon the publication of my next book.

Lizzy Ford - Witching Saga and Rhyn Series

"Ms. Curry participated in a recent marketing campaign I launched in support of a young adult paranormal saga. The results were spectacular, with the books in question ending up on Amazon best seller lists going on two months now. This would not have been possible without the social media prowess and dedicated efforts of bloggers like Ms. Curry. I consider myself fortunate to have someone like Ms. Curry working with me to help spread the word about my books!" - Lizzy Ford, author of the Witchling Saga

New York Times Bestselling Author Kelsie Leverich 

“Fern Curry and her blog, Whirlwind Books, has been a great contribution to marketing my debut novel, The Valentine’s Arrangement. Fern not only took the time to read and review my novel without hesitation, but she was a huge support during the remaining weeks that led up to publication, as well as currently. In addition to her review, she also participated in my blog tour, as well as giveaways. She has been a great contributor in helping to expand my fan base and gain new readers. Her participation, support, and encouragement has played an important role in the promotion and success of my novel. Her enthusiasm is refreshing and sincere, and I am humbled to find a new friendship along this journey.”

Kimberly Knight - Author of Wanted and Where I Need To Be

Since September 2012, I have written two books. Without many bloggers like Fern Curry, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Fern has gone above and beyond in helping me promote my name and my books. She is exceptional at what she does and I hope to work with her for many, many years! 

- More to come.

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